Medical vs. Recreational: Washington Marijuana Tax Questioned At Hearings

How can Washington have one system for medical marijuana and another system with separate rules and taxes for recreational marijuana?

That’s one question people are asking at a series of statewide meetings the state Liquor Control Board is holding on the rules that will regulate recreational marijuana production and sales.

It’s a question the Legislature will have to answer, Liquor Board Chair Sharon Foster said at Tuesday’s meeting in Everett.

The board is working with the departments of health and revenue, to try to come up with recommendations to the Legislature on how to resolve the taxing issue, The Daily Herald reported Wednesday.

Another meeting was held Tuesday evening in Seattle. Two more hearings are being held Wednesday in Olympia and Ellensburg. A fifth and final hearing will be Thursday in Spokane.

The hearings are part of the process for implementing Initiative 502, which was approved by voters in November to legalize marijuana for adults. The Liquor Control Board will regulate growing, distributing and selling marijuana in stores that could open early next year – unless the Justice Department intervenes.

Pot remains illegal federally, and the DOJ could sue to try to block the licensing structures in Washington and Colorado from taking effect.

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