Trudeau’s Pot Stance is a Refreshing Policy Option

Legalizing marijuana use in Canada could be the best way, and maybe the only way, to protect children inclined or forced to use the stuff.

That’s the view of Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and the only Canadian political figure of note to have the guts to speak to the issue.

Immediately and predictably attacked by his political opponents, Trudeau is nonetheless right to suggest that we, as a society, need to consider new approaches to an old problem.

Trudeau’s view is likely new to most Canadians, though he has mused about it publicly before. Readers might also be surprised to hear that many Latin American politicians and policy analysts are saying the same thing.

– Read the entire article at The Hamilton Spectator.



  1. Anonymous on

    Join the Liberal Party’s call for an end to marijuana prohibition:

  2. Killer Tomato on

    I seriously hope you guys aren’t buying this. If the Liberals win, it would still be a lot better than the Cons.
    But I guarantee it, if he wins, he’ll do a complete 180.
    Politicians are trained liars that sugar coat everything before and during election.

  3. Anonymous on

    Justin Trudeau may be the next Prime Minister of Canada. But I will never refer to the Government of Canada as the Trudeau Government. I hope he wins.

  4. Sam on

    Wait ’til the booze,paper and lumber lobbies get a hold of him!!!!!!

  5. foam on

    He was too afraid to admit this a few years back. Maybe he’s smells the political winds shifting?