One on One With Embattled Medical Marijuana Dr. Rob Kamermans

Dr. Rob Kamermans of Coe Hill Ontario has become a Martyr to Medical Marijuana. The Pony Tailed doctor’s path has led him to controversy and the pages of media such as the National Post and his locals.

The breaking point is his simple concept of helping his patients through the use of Medical Marijuana in Canada.

While he and other doctors can prescribe opiates which kill thousands every year via abuse or simple effect, for a patient to be able to grow their own medicine or access it via dispensary requires not just a simple prescription; but the filling out of government paperwork.

And as most of us know nowadays if you need forms filled out by a doctor there are usually some fees attached.

And those forms have led to a witch hunt that had a single doctor working in an Emergency ward arrested, and a second circus like event that had a 67 year old doctor with no criminal record led away in handcuffs on camera.

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