Business Slow During D.C.’s First 2 Days of Medical Marijuana

"It is incredibly exciting to finally open our doors after a couple years of hard work," Scott Morgan, the communications director for Capitol City Care, told U.S. News Tuesday afternoon.

Despite the small number of customers, the dispensary – located on North Capitol Street – actually has a decent share of the market, which stands at nine individuals.

To purchase medical marijuana in D.C. patients must be legal residents of the District of Columbia, as well obtain the recommendation of their doctor. Proof of residency and the doctor’s recommendation are then submitted to city’s Department of Health for approval.

Medical conditions that make a Washingtonian eligible for cannabis include cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS and severe muscle spasms.

"It’s so exciting to show patients the facility for the first time," Morgan said, "[but]the program does have to grow, and grow a considerable amount to maintain the [medical marijuana]businesses."

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