Sensible B.C.’s Mission: Get Off the Pot and Get Gathering Signatures

Being given the go-ahead to gather signatures for a pot referendum was like the starter’s gun going off.

Now, Sensible B.C. faces something akin to one of those days-long, 200-kilometre desert foot races.

“Incredibly daunting, that’s a good word,” Dana Larsen, director of the group that’s pushing for a referendum on pot possession, said Wednesday. “There’s no guarantee we’ll have success … but I’m more confident than I was when we started this process over a year ago.”

In order to have any hope of holding a referendum on its proposed Sensible Policing Act, more than 300,000 signatures must be collected, representing 10 per cent of registered voters in each and every provincial riding.

If that step is successful, a referendum would be held in 2014. To win that, Sensible B.C. would need yes votes from not only a majority of the turnout across the province, but also a majority in two-thirds of B.C.’s 85 ridings.

There’s a 90-day period to gather signatures, beginning Sept. 9, so Larsen is visiting as many ridings as he can before then and will continue stumping into October.

“You need a lot of canvassers and you need them in every riding,” Bill Tieleman, a political commentator and president of West Star Communications, said.

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