Abbotsford Pot Activist Hopes to Be First Licensed Producer After Medical Marijuana Law Change

Marijuana activist Sam Mellace hopes to be the first licensed medical marijuana producer in Canada after spending the past 10 years running his “pretty much” legal operation.

The Abbotsford resident has been producing marijuana since 2002 for himself and three other medical users in accordance with current laws.

But starting April 1, 2014, authorized users will not be able to grow their own pot — the only way they will be able to get their product will be from licensed producers.

Mellace intends to submit his application to Health Canada on Monday, hoping to get the first licence for his company New Age Medical Solutions, but he’s up against stiff competition.

For the past 13 years Prairie Plant Systems Inc. has been the only company that has been producing legal marijuana and marijuana seeds on contract to Health Canada. The company submitted its application earlier this month.

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  1. gutrod on

    I don’t believe the objective would be to grow the kind of quality that would be worthy of being used as medicine. They should be hiring some human guinea pigs to test the product much like wine testers.
    Job Title: M.J. Con issuer. Where do I sign up! Wishful thinking.

  2. MMAR on

    There you go… HC is handing off the commercial lic. to those individuals who they claim were abusing the rules in the first place… they also conspired with them during the previous consultations on the matter.