Jodie Emery on CKNW’s “The World Today Weekend with Sean Leslie”

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana activist Jodie Emery joins CKNW radio host Sean Leslie on “The World Today Weekend” to discuss her imprisoned husband Marc Emery’s transfer request back to Canada, which has been approved by the US Justice Dept.

Listen to the audio broadcast, originally recorded on July 13, 2013:

Find out more about Marc’s possible transfer home.

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  1. Anonymous on

    the american constituion wants all the money the uneducated democrats like hilary clinton gave pakistan since 1947 or else….

  2. Anonymous on

    theirs a hit out for “NATALIA CRUZ” AND ANY RAP STAR. WE PAY BIG$$$$$,

  3. Anonymous on

    they should have their kid sickened and shot…

  4. Anonymous on

    Who is contaminating Tim Horton’s in Toronto???

  5. gutrod on

    By the time Marc is back home safely in his bed with Jodie the Harper government will have used all of it’s resources and Canadian taxpayers dollars at their disposal to put up every obstacle possible with the intent of making their lives as miserable as possible. They are making the American government appear to be angels with their senseless approach to cannabis prohibition. Canadians should just say screw you and light up at every opportunity in public. Flood the court system with simple possession charges and bring the justice system to a complete halt. Once they are voted out the new government should make it a priority to stay all charges and overturn any convictions that happened under the current regimes watch. Enough is enough. It is time Canadians stood up against these serpents.

  6. Anonymous on

    thc…R U LES…sunshine…