Drexel University Receives NIH Grant to Study Medical Marijuana Use Among LA Young Adults

Drexel University has received a grant for a five-year study of medical marijuana and its impact on drug use and physical and psychological health among young adults in Los Angeles. It is the first large-scale NIH project funded to directly investigate medical marijuana use among young adults aged 18 to 26.

The study, “Medical Marijuana, Emerging Adults & Community: Connecting Health and Policy,” is being led by Dr. Stephen Lankenau, an associate professor in Drexel’s School of Public Health, who was awarded an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health for $3.3 million over five years, beginning July 1. Ultimately, Lankenau hopes the study’s findings can guide medical marijuana policies at local, state and national levels to result in the most positive health outcomes for young adults and communities.

Lankenau aims to determine the impact of medical marijuana policies in Los Angeles on young adults’ physical and psychological health. A core focus is understanding the significance and influence of dispensaries – storefronts that sell medical marijuana – on health.

“Dispensaries are a relatively new and unusual institution, and they haven’t been studied much,” Lankenau said. One study hypothesis is that dispensaries, which often provide social support in addition to medical marijuana, may provide the basis for better physical and psychological outcomes for medical marijuana users, compared to non-medical users who purchase the drug on the black market.

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  1. John Sergovich on

    Despite almost a hundred years of attempts, there has never been a credible study that has conclusively proven that cannabis does any harm at all.

    So long as the study is properly reviewed, it will reveal the truth. The danger is when people quote findings out of context, or cherry-pick the results or ignore weaknesses in the study’s methods. This creates misleading headlines that themselves become quoted by the public and by politicians.

    Nature has no motives. She just wants to be your friend.

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Anything the feds fund is supposed to put cannabis in a negative light, and one should be highly suspicious of it. The feds use studies to stall, always claiming there needs to be more information, more studies done. This is just more stalling.