The Vancouver Health Expo and Kush Cup 2013 in Photos

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Vancouver Health Expo and Kush Cup, a medical marijuana and alternative health trade show and strain-judging competition, lit up the PNE from June 28-30. Re-live the best moments in our Cannabis Culture photo gallery.

The Health Expo, in its first year, featured mainstream and alternative health displays and vendors booths, as well as some of the major and minor players in Canada’s marijuana community.

The three-day Kush Cup event featured two boat cruises, comedy acts by Charlie Murphy and Randy & Lahey from the Trailer Park Boys, live music by B-Rreal from Cypress Hill, The Rascalz and more. Highly funny stuff!

The strain-judging competition included 13 fine strains of marijuana and a selection of extracts. Everyone was flying high while we tested and rated the entries and cruised from event to event in complimentary limo-buses.

An undoubted success!

Watch CC and Pot TV for more video and info from the Kush Cup and Health Expo.

Check out the photos by CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer:

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  1. Johnny C on

    I think the decision was made before the ballots were counted if they were even recieved.

  2. Johnny C on

    This event was billed as a “Medical Health Expo” and I thought some what concerned about people in Canada and their medical access to marijuana, It was more of a self-indulgent exercise for BC pot celebs to get the attention they crave in a photo op than an act of political protest. Most of these people don’t even care about the changes to the MMAR program.

    All of the photos in the above slideshow for the Title Event “Boat Cruise with B-Real” (an extra $50) AND HELD AT THE SAME TIME as John Conroy’s plea for support to an empty PNE health Expo for the MMAR Against Repeal. The weed samples were average at best with little regard to actually collecting ballots from the judges, let alone reveal what strains we were smoking so we may even know what we liked. And the best of all, when B-Real performed and started to smoke and the audience followed suit, security then cleared out anybody who got any contact in the first five rows and kicked them to the street.

    As an event on the whole it was LAME AND DISORGANIZED, but in terms of value I did smoke out the place and did enjoy smoking the extracts that would have been more than double what I spent on my pass, there is that.

    The BC Pot Celebs are almost certain Sensible BC is going to pass that they could care less if the feds take away patient grow permits. It won’t affect them.

  3. Anonymous on

    Without captions or context the photos are more bewildering than anything else. Plus the event looks boring and like a sausage fest. If u want to make marijuana events u have to make them exciting, fun, creative, sophisticated. All these events bore us to tears and are just a bunch of industry insiders yakking at each other and people getting so high they have no idea what they just said.

  4. Anonymous on

    this event is garbage!

  5. CanadianGiant on

    Who won? Was there a competition?