Delay In Food Standards Australia New Zealand Hemp Seeds Decision

There is to be a further delay before authorities make a decisions on allowing hemp seeds to be used in food.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has been considering an application for low THC hemp to be used in in food since 2009.

The application was lodged by Australian based doctor, Andrew Katelaris – he has previously advocated in favour of the medicinal use of cannabis.

– Read the entire article at New Zealand News.



  1. Paulpot on

    Got excess hemp seed.
    Lightly pan fry your hemp seed without oil (just like sesame seed) and put on your meal, salad or other wise, as a garnish.

  2. Anonymous on

    Is it a coincidence that an election is looming in Australia, which will occur before this decision and that election date has been delayed too?!

    Is it a coincidence that it’s very possible that the current major opposition party (the Liberal party) may gain power again and it was that very same party which when previously in power over-turned recommendations to allow hempseed in food because it did not want to confuse the youth between marijuana and hempseed?!!

    These same fucking ignorant politicians don’t realise that they’d probably fail a urine test for morphine/opiates because of the Australian grown poppyseed (Tasmania’s one of the largest morphine producers in the world) they’d eaten for lunch on their bread!

    So where’s the difference?

    Well actually if you consume a large enough quantity of poppyseed you can actually get high or even die, where as if you consume a large quantity of hempseed you’ll only have a gut ache, since it’s impossible to even get high from hempseed – of course even if there was enough THC traces (which there never is) for an effect you still couldn’t O.D.!

    Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for Your Right…TO ACCESS ONE OF THE HEALTHIEST FOODS ON THE PLANET!!!