RCMP Tell Second Prince Rupert Store To Take Pipes, Bongs Off The Shelf

Shortly after seizing thousands of pipes, bongs and grinders from The Chad Smoke Shop, another Prince Rupert business has been warned they could face punishment for selling similar products.

Krish, the manager of Prince Rupert’s Express News who asked his last name not be used, confirmed RCMP came into Express News in the Rupert Square Mall on July 17 to inform staff it is illegal to sell pipes and bongs in the country.

Under Section 462.2 of the Criminal Code of Canada “every one who knowingly imports into Canada, exports from Canada, manufactures, promotes or sells instruments of literature for illicit drug use is guilty of an offence”.

“It’s unfortunate we can’t sell it, but we don’t want to break any laws or get into any kind of trouble,” Krish said.

Shelving at Express News that was once filled with glass pipes and bongs now sit empty, with Krish saying he is unaware if products will ever fill up the shelves in the future.

“If we do sell them, like at [The Chad Smoke Shop] they could be seized, and we could face an offence. Right now our franchiser has asked us to take them off the shelves,” he said.

Krish said it’s another blow to the business. When Express News opened its doors a year ago it planned on selling lottery tickets, but were unable to. Krish said now that Express New isn’t allowed to sell the items, the store’s inventory has been narrowed.

Krish and his family moved from Vancouver, with his parents investing money to open the business. With the restrictions Prince Rupert’s Express News has come across, the family is fearful they will not get their investment back.

“Every other store in Canada is getting to sell these items. It’s unfair that we can’t,” Krish said.

No other Express News store in British Columbia is being warned about selling the smoking devices.

“We’re a tobacco store that sold them for tobacco use only … our intention was for the items to be used for tobacco,” Krish said.

The warning comes after Prince Rupert RCMP executed a search warrant on The Chad Smoke Shop earlier this month after a six month investigation into the business, which has now closed its doors. RCMP said Chad Wentworth, the owner of four other smoke shops in B.C., is facing criminal charges.

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  1. Anonymous on

    “We’re a tobacco store that sold them for tobacco use only … our intention was for the items to be used for tobacco,” Krish said.

    hahaha that’s funny, everyone knows what these bongs are for, most of them have marijuana leafs right on them, I’m not saying he shouldn’t be allowed to sell them but Don’t lie about it, it just makes you look like a dick.

  2. gutrod on

    I could buy a bong in Ontario on any given day if I wanted to, so why not in Prince Rupert? The RCMP have turned into Harper’s Gestapo. It seems that it is just a matter of time before Harper shuts down all head shops in Canada. The only beneficiaries to this madness are lawyers who are all licking their chops. Will they be banning rolling papers too?

  3. Anonymous on

    Wake up and do a bit of renaming:

    Follow the lead of others in other places with similar draconian laws banning “mairjuana” pipes; almost all “pipes” which hold water (most of which people call “bongs”) make excellent WORKING oil lamps and therefore can be sold as such!
    Just stick a wick extending out through the bowl/cone and fill the reservoir with oil. As long the the salespeople always refuse to offer advice on using them as a smoking device (a nice big sticker stating the purpose would help too), then law enforcement are practically powerless!

    Personally I’d like to see such laws actually fought in court anyway, since what the hell in fact defines a “pipe” or “smoking device” and how the hell can you ever argue that they’re NOT simply tobacco smoking pipes?



    Anyway, by selling them as devices “NOT INTENDED TO BE USED FOR SMOKING”, the vendors can use the same loophole that the Spice-type-Incense traders have used successfully worldwide for years to evade legal problems: note even though they’re selling unlabelled designer drugs (argueably far more dangerous than any simple burning device) governments have struggled to halt sales because the loophole (of selling something as “NOT FOPR HUMAN CONUMPTION”) can never really be plugged!

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it RCMP!

    Go find some real criminals.

    (Note at least one person has died from the plastic fumes from a homemade pipe, demonstrating why they should be kept legal and sold made with safe materials. It happened in France and was reported in a medical journal: FATAL Alveolar Haemorrhage via Smoking Cannabis through Plastic – Rev.Mal.Respir.28(7)919-23 2011)

  4. Anonymous on

    u mean june 17th?

  5. Mike Jay on

    Those of us that live in small town in Canada always get harassed. There aren’t enough of us to make a good protest and we aren’t allowed even to have a vapour lounge without arrest. It would be nice if we were treated equally.

  6. Anonymous UK on

    Nice to see they are clamping down on smoking but why do they still allow tobacco to be sold ? Surely tobacco is what causes the harm not smoking devices !

  7. Anonymous on

    Holy shit more RCMP stupidity I guess all this will have to be settled in the courts again.
    We used to be a free society in Canada we are slowly turning into a communist nation run by a lunatic

  8. Worm on

    F U C K the pigs. what good are they.