BC Medical Marijuana Dispensary Founder a Free Man

Langley Medical Marijuana Dispensary founder Randy Caine feels vindicated with the Crown recommending an absolute discharge of trafficking charges against him.

In 2008, Caine created the dispensary to provide medical marijuana to registered clients.

In July 2011, the RCMP raided the dispensary and seized about $17,000 worth of various strains of marijuana and products containing marijuana, such as baked goods.

Caine kept the dispensary open to provide consultations and other Lower Mainland compassion clubs and dispensaries offered to help local clients.

In September, Caine announced he was reopening the dispensing services. In October supporters presented a petition to City council calling for support to create a pilot dispensary. It had more than 1,900 signatures.

Caine repeatedly chided the RCMP and Crown over the lack of charges and maintained this is an attempt to intimidate. In late October 2011, the Crown charged him with possession in excess of three kilograms for the purpose of trafficking.

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