WA State Moves to Regulate Marijuana — What You Need to Know About the Groundbreaking Reform

Voters approved the marijuana legalization initiative I-502 in Washington state last November, and it is now legal to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, but a full-blown marijuana commerce industry doesn’t just happen overnight. The state is still months away from having a functioning system of state-taxed and -regulated marijuana cultivators, processors, and retailers, but the process is well underway, and by most accounts, it is going relatively smoothly.

Last month, the Washington Liquor Control Board (LCB), the state agency charged with setting up the state’s marijuana industry, issued its initial draft rules. It took written comments on the initial draft rules through Monday and will issue revised draft rules later this month. The LCB will hold public hearings on the rules for all three envisaged licenses — grower, processor, and retailer — in late July, promulgate final rules in August, begin accepting license applications in September, and begin issuing licenses in December.

From then, it is still likely to be months before the first legal marijuana is sold in Washington because only once growers are licensed will legal marijuana destined for retail sale be in the pipeline. It takes a minimum of three months to bring an indoor crop to harvest. But by sometime next spring, consumers should be able to go to their local pot shop and make their selections.

“These initial rules balance our goal of developing a tightly regulated system with reasonable access for small and large business models to participate within the system,” said Board Chair Sharon Foster. “They are based upon hundreds of hours of internal research and deliberation, consultation with multiple industry experts and input from the over 3,000 individuals who attended our forums statewide.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    u r rite however if 20000 little guys gro its harder

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    I read that people will have to be fingerprinted and shit, which will make it easier for the feds to swoop in and piss in the pool and force everybody out of business. That part is total bullshit. They need to have a no cooperation policy. Destroy the damn records once you’re done with them for the approval process so the feds can’t get their hands on them.

    Shively, hire me. I’m worth it.