Police Oppose Call to Decriminalize Drugs in Canada

A report out Thursday calls on Canada to decriminalize personal use of all narcotics and regulate cannabis, saying current policies are failing to reduce drug use or make Canadians safer.

But lawmakers and police countered by saying decriminalization will not eliminate the social ills created by addiction or stop organized crime.

The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition report says treating drug use as a health problem, rather than a criminal one, would meet many of the objectives prohibition has historically failed to accomplish.

“We’re doing this to improve public health and safety, not create a free-for-all. What we have now is a free-for-all,” said executive director Donald MacPherson, who co-authored the report.

MacPherson stressed the coalition, made up of 30 non-governmental organizations and based at Simon Fraser University, doesn’t make the case that drug use is harmless.

However, MacPherson said treating drug possession and consumption as a criminal matter stigmatizes users and creates a barrier to them seeking help.

“This is a pragmatic response to an activity that’s already taking place … and we’re saying criminalization is making it worse,” said MacPherson.

Decriminalizing personal use would allow police to focus more resources on organized crime groups involved in larger-scale trafficking or manufacturing, MacPherson added.

For police, the point is largely moot as long as lawmakers maintain the status quo.

“When a law is on the books, we’re compelled to enforce it,” said Staff Sgt. Tom Hanson of the Calgary police drug unit.

Even if drugs are decriminalized, Hanson said history has demonstrated organized crime groups would replace that revenue stream with another racket.

– Read the entire article at Calgary Herald.



  1. legalize_it on

    Legalization is the only way if we really care about Canada. In my opinion those “advocating decriminalization” are only self-serving hypocrites who all of sudden are not too happy about Justin’s proposal (I watched videos on youtube). Makes me wonder why? Would they lose their contributions from weed dealers?

    All that decriminalization would do is help dealers who wouldn’t be afraid of distribution anymore and users would buy more since they wouldn’t be afraid of being caught with an oz. Wouldn’t that be nice, but for whom again?

    Legalization is the only way if you really care about Canadians. In my opinion Justin Trudeau did his homework and those advocating decriminalization showed their real colors. Well your “high times” are close to being over.

    To all of you advocates for decriminalization only: please tell me how it feels to be a self-serving conservative and whom are you voting for next election?

  2. Anonymous on

    sure they oppose it .the illegality of it is job security for their sorry asses.

  3. Bud Grinder on

    Goddamn ignorant, mercenary thugs. When they see their rice-bowls threatened they line up to denounce truth, justice and liberty.

    May they all burn in hell for eternity as just reward for their crimes against decent, right-thinking, freedom-loving Canadians.

  4. Anonymous on

    I am in agreement, and I too will never go back on dangerous addictive oxycontin.

  5. DrClone on

    “Even if drugs are decriminalized, Hanson said history has demonstrated organized crime groups would replace that revenue stream with another racket.”…

    Oh, so you lazy cops dont wanna try an figgure out what that new revenue stream, or “racket” is…so you dont want to do real investigating, just pick on something you deem easier to bust, however if you actually had the province issue medicinal permits and grows, the police could still do their work, just us poor bastards that got disabled an the system failed to catch the issue, and now cant work and are in severe pain 24/7…ya keep messing with my organic choice of medicine…force me to take oxy an destroy my life…is that what you chickne shit lawmakers want? to turn me into an oxy addict for the rest of my life? YOUR choice of medication…man made chemicals that interfere with doppamine production, and create great risk of death, something my edibles dont do.
    Ottawa, you bunch of loser cowards, go shove your new laws about home grows, come arrest me now cause i will never quit growing my own meds, go f u c k yourselves

  6. observer on

    re: “Police Oppose Call to Decriminalize Drugs in Canada”

    No mention in the article of the whopping huge vested interest and monetary and career interests police have in keeping the pot bust gravy-train a-rollin’. Mainstream media never mentions that. You’d think police are busting people for pot out of altruism, love and tender concern for “the children”.

    re: “When a law is on the books, we’re compelled to enforce it, said Staff Sgt. Tom Hanson of the Calgary police drug unit.”

    Of course that’s self-serving schlock too, and false. As Larry W. Campbell (Canadian Senator, former Mayor of Vancouver, former RCMP) has pointed out many times, for Canadian police (RCMP specifically) marihuana laws are written as “may arrest”, not “must arrest”. So it is up to the discretion of the officer that way in Canadian laws (probably they have discretion to arrest or not from other laws too).

    Still, it is understandable that police (unions, chiefs and police PR flacks mostly, not the good officers of LEAP) would like to perpetuate the false notion that “our hands are tied”. That’s bunk many different ways. Wrong and false – but understandable.