Feds Bust 103 Medical Pot Dispensaries in SoCal, Delivering Major Blow to Patients in Area

The states — and public opinion — are clearly way ahead of the federal government when it comes to marijuana policy. Nonetheless, the feds insist on shoving their ‘weed is the devil’s lettuce’ propaganda down all of our throats, sometimes with guns and raids. Yesterday, they sent their weed warriors to Los Angeles County, where they busted in and raided 103 (LEGAL) medical marijuana dispensaries

“Out of the 103 storefronts targeted today, federal authorities sent warning letters to 28 stores in Long Beach, 71 in Los Angeles, and four in the Antelope Valley,” the U.S. attorney said in a statement. “Two of the stores in Long Beach are housed in buildings that are the subject of asset forfeiture lawsuits that were filed today in United States District Court.”

If my math is correct, that means the vast majority of those raided were un-warned. Nonetheless, that’s two more buildings the war on drugs’ has eaten up as part of its larger policing-for-profit model, which includes the money-making incentive of asset forfeiture.

“Today’s [Tuesday’s] federal actions involve all known marijuana stores in the City of Long Beach; the City of Lancaster; the high desert community of Pearblossom; and the parts of Los Angeles served by the Newton, Rampart and Harbor divisions of the Los Angeles Police Department,” the statement said, shamelessly removing each and every point of access to care for ailing residents in those areas.

Add these busts to a list of more than 600 marijuana dispensaries the feds have already screwed with, despite evidence that marijuana is effective medicine for a variety of issues, ranging from side effects of chemotherapy to glaucoma, chronic pain, and muscle spasticity. But the feds know their no-science is the best science, so they will spend tax dollars and send public servants to interfere with what voters want, but the feds don’t want them to have.

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  1. Thomas Mc on

    Barack Obama said he had better things to do than go after MMJ.
    See what a liar he is?

  2. foam on

    The all four Democrats on the supreme court voted to keep pot illegal in Raich vs Gonzales. Four Republicans vote to legalize and one hypocrite Scalia a Republican voted to keep illegal.

    As a Libertarian I find both parties detestable and full of mis-information

  3. Anonymous on

    First of all Im a Republican and LOVE my meds. Probably one of the biggest no name advocates in my state. Remember its your sorry Democrat partners that are taking apart in all of these unconstitutional raids messing with peoples rights. If it were up to the democrats it would be illegal to be rich and whats yours is mine….ANYWAYS I LOVE MMJ and SOON all of this BS will stop. Funny how this shit isnt happing like this here in WA. Seems to me that there is something that these dispesaries are doing to get messed with

  4. Anonymous on

    Use U.S Pat # 6630507, U.S. Pat US 20130059018 A1, United States Patent Application 20130109747, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
    Drug Enforcement Administration
    In The Matter Of
    Docket No. 86-22
    FRANCIS L. YOUNG, Administrative Law Judge
    DATED: SEPTEMBER 6, 1988
    At one point, 14 people were getting government MARIJUANA in your MOTION FOR DISMISSAL…

  5. jammerk65 on

    so how do you guys feel about your flip flopping obama now? just another stab in the back for everyone in the mmj community that voted for him!

  6. Tom the Nurse on

    Go back underground…

  7. Dr. Greensleeves on

    You think Issa gives one rat’s ass about dispensaries getting the shaft? The man is a shmuck. AND a Republican. In other words… useless.

  8. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Where the hell is Darrell Issa when you need him? He’s going on about the IRS getting its persecution orders from the headquarters in D.C., from right at the top. It’s Benghazi. And, Feinstein’s hubby is going to profit royally from the sales of U.S. post offices they’re closing down in California. I mean, where the hell are these California politicians who claim to represent the people who’ve passed these laws legalizing cannabis.

  9. Anonymous on

    It apparently does not bother the feds that making marijuana illegal is patently unconstitutional. There is no Constitutional provision allowing them to make a plant illegal. Remember, they had to pass a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit alcohol, a man made substance, because they lacked Constitutional authority to do so. Anything not specifically granted to the federal government by the Constitution is the sole dominion of the states. The Constitution trumps any law.

  10. Lukky on

    LOL, i think your math was wrong… 28+71+4=103. It looks like all of them were warned. That being said, i still think it is wrong. Each state has the constitutional right to make it’s own laws. They are the ones breaking the law by not allowing that. Just saying.