Treating Yourself 2013 an Exposition of Pot Professionalism

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canada’s premier marijuana trade show returned to the gigantic Metro Toronto Convention Centre for its fourth year, looking slicker than ever and impressing crowds, vendors and activists alike.

What may have started as rough waters for Treating Yourself Magazine editor Marco Renda and his small crew, has now become smooth sailing. Renda, steering his ever-growing craft seemingly effortlessly through the perilous riptides, has been able to ride the ocean currents of momentum of the global marijuana movement to clearer waters.

The 2013 instalment of the Treating Yourself Expo, open to the public from May 24 to 26, was undoubtedly busier than previous years. The Expo featured slightly more vendor and activists booths, and slightly less speakers and entertainment – and no live music at all. Not that this was necessarily a bad thing. Several DJs bumped beats in different sections of the show without blasting anyone’s ears out or putting people to sleep with basement-brewed folk music or bad hip-hop.

The Dutch seed companies were back, as well as the big-name nutrient suppliers and retail distributors, but it was also nice to see some new faces among so many familiar ones at vendors tables.

Cannabis Culture and Pot TV had a great vantage point at our booth to provide bongs, pipes, papers, t-shirts and other CCHQ stock, and to record all three days LIVE on Pot.TV.

Watch 14 hours of Pot TV video filmed at the TY Expo 2013:

This year’s focus was unquestionably on glassblowing, with much attention paid to a massive “Not Just Marbles” glass art gallery and live glassblowing demonstrations by three competing teams from Canada, the USA, and Japan. All three teams created gorgeous, fully-functional pieces, and team Japan was awarded the top prize for their amazingly intricate creation.

Nineteen marijuana strains were entered in the TY cup, and judges smoked and picked their favourites, with the winners announced at the Expo’s end ceremonies.

The 4200-square vapor lounge was back again as well, with live dabbing demos on your favourite units like the Volcano, The Verdamper, The RooR vaporizer, The herbalAire, and The Sublimator.

Renda continues to top himself with this world-class event, bringing the air of professionalism of Canada’s pot movement up a notch in the process. Kudos to everyone at Treating Yourself for making all the hard work look easy.

Watch an interview with Treating Yourself Expo founder and organizer Marco Renda at the Expo on Day 1.

Renda appeared last friday on my weekly news show, Cannabis Culture News LIVE, to discuss the aftermath of the 2013 Expo and plug the opening of his new glass gallery. Watch it here.

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In an effort to capture the full size and scope of this year’s TY Expo, I pushed my way through the crowd down every aisle and into every corner of the expo (with the exception of the vapour lounge) to see how long it would take. The following video is the result, sped up by about 4x.

Watch my High Speed Tour of the Treating Yourself Expo 2013:

Watch the official Treating Yourself Expo 2013 highlight videos for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

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Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.