Mind-Blowing Glass Bongs at the Treating Yourself Expo

CANNABIS CULTURE – Glassblowers from Canada, the USA, and Japan gave live demonstrations of their work while competing at the 2013 Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto.

The torches burned in full public view at Canada’s largest marijuana trade show from May 24 – 26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The final creations looked stunning and were all fully-functional bongs.

Team Canada (Korey Cotnam, Jared Toner, Patrick Stratis) placed third with a large and elegant skeletal bird with outstretched wings. Though it was close in style to other work produced by members of the team (and on display at the Expo), there was no denying the exquisiteness and beauty of this piece.

Team USA (Arron Siverson, Dellene Peralta, Chris Carlson) came in second place with a sparkling rendition of the Emerald City from The Wizard of OZ. This functional piece featured a plasma globe surrounded by multiple green towers. Flying money henchmen, Toto, and the Wicked Witch’s Ruby slippers included!

Team Japan (Junichi Kojima, Yoshinori Konda) wowed the crowd with an intricately-detailed production that contained hundreds (or thousands) of tiny colored dots blown in sacred geometrical patterns housed in a remarkably simple structure. Onlookers watched in amazement as the works were created, but no one was quite sure how team Japan worked so fast in creating all those little pin-sized marks.

See the full gallery of CC photos from the Treating Yourself Expo 2013.

Watch raw video of the finished pieces at the TY Expo: