Michael Douglas Vows to Fight for Overhaul of US Legal System

In a recent interview in Britain’s Event Magazine, academy award winning actor Michael Douglas vowed to fight for a complete overhaul of America’s legal system. This comes on the heels of his son Cameron losing his appeal, and affirming his nine and a half year sentence for drug charges.

The story of Cameron Douglas is a sad one. Last April, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his conviction and refused to overturn it after he was caught with a small amount of drugs for personal use while in prison. Cameron is likely to stay in prison until the year 2018. In January of 2010, Southern District Court Judge Richard M. Berman sentenced Cameron to 60 months in prison followed by five years of supervised release. Cameron was facing a ten-year mandatory sentence but managed to knock off five years of the sentence by cooperating with the government.

Cameron, a long time substance abuser, relapsed and began using drugs again while in prison. Instead of getting the treatment for his addiction which would have addressed his craving for drugs, Cameron did what many other imprisoned substance abusers do — purchase the needed drugs they use from other prisoners. Judge Berman could not believe there are drugs in the prisons of the United States. And because of Cameron’s relapse, he hit him with an unbelievable additional sentence of four and a half years, despite the prosecution’s request for just an additional two and a half years.

The way it was handled deviated from the typical way prisons deal with prisoners who are found with drugs. Most of the time it is handled administratively within the prison and the prisoner does not get charged with a crime like Douglas has. My take on this is that they made an example of him because of his famous father, actor Michael Douglas.

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  2. Anonymous UK on

    Cameron Douglas’s celebrity draws attention to how many vulnerable people are treated with hatred when they need care. Worst of all it does not stop drug use or protect anyone. At some point in history we gave acceptability to a bidding war over who could be the most terrible to drug users – the more punitive you are the more serious you are about protecting society (or so the madness goes). The internet and social media lets us get the message out without the control of the traditional media establishment and their propaganda.

  3. gutrod on

    Cooperation with Feds: Has serious consequences in prison. Cameron will likely have to spend the rest of his sentence in P.C. for his own protection. He will have no protection from other inmates as well as the guards who profit from illegal drugs. His father should have just paid off the judge which is how the justice system really works in America. Justice has no conscience, just like a stiff prick.

  4. Anonymous on

    An iboga session or two should clear Cameron up.

  5. Anonymous on

    maybe he could make a movie about it, to expose the corruption and the government drug dealing in prisons.

  6. Anonymous on

    most people don’t want to believe that drugs are available in prison cause our government ships it in.

  7. Paul Pot on

    The real criminal here is the judge.
    He just committed a crime against humanity.

  8. Paul Pot on

    This is Les Miserable.
    A life spent in prison for reasons of law.
    And it perfectly illustrates the paradox of prohibition.
    It makes victims of the victims.
    How do you help someone by putting them in prison?

  9. Anonymous on

    I find this quote from the story as unbelievable, ” Judge Berman could not believe there are drugs in the prisons of the United States.” Did the good judge just wake up from a f’n coma, first day on the bench and first case ever? How cana judge not know what happens in prison. Do judges not watch movies about prison, read books about prison??? WTF. I feel bad for the Douglas family right now. I hope the Judge learns to change his views someday.

  10. Dave on

    It’s no surprise they do these things to people…bullies are sick in the head and we must never forget that fact. We can plainly see, like pond scum and blue-green algea they rise to the top.