Bloomberg: Medical Marijuana One of “Great Hoaxes of All Time”

While the majority of the public and medical community may be in support of marijuana according to recent surveys, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg adamantly opposed marijuana on Friday, calling the campaign for legalization “wrong-headed.”

“Medical, my… come on. There’s no medical,” Bloomberg said on WOR radio according to CBS New York. “This is one of the great hoaxes of all time.”

The New York State Assembly recently made possession of small amounts of marijuana punishable by a small fine instead of an arrest. But, Bloomberg reiterated his opposition to legalization.

“But the bottom line is I’m told marijuana is much stronger today than it was 20 or 30 years ago. I don’t have any personal experience in terms of today. So that’s one problem,” he said.

“And number two, drug dealers have families to feed. If they can’t sell marijuana, they’ll sell something else, and the something else is going to be worse, and the push to legalize this is just wrong-headed,” he added. “But they say: ‘Oh, well, it’s not going to hurt anybody. It doesn’t lead to dependency.’ Of course it does. And you can argue about recreational things, but it’s a very slippery path.”

Opposing the mayor’s views, an earlier survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine on May 30 showed that 76 percent of international doctors surveyed agreed with the use of medical marijuana. About 1,400 doctors were given a hypothetical case of a woman with metastatic breast cancer, and more than three-quarters said they would have prescribed her medical marijuana.

Currently 19 states and the District of Columbia allow people to use marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor’s prescription. Washington and Colorado are the only states that have legalized pot for recreational purposes.

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