High-Profile Orlando Attorney Seeds Medical Marijuana Fight

John Morgan already has the battle cry for his upcoming fight to change Florida’s constitution to legalize medical marijuana.

“I’ll take God’s plant over Big Pharma’s pills,” Morgan says.

Morgan, a high-profile Orlando attorney whose firm employs former Florida governor Charlie Crist, says he is willing to pour up to $3 million of his own money into a petition drive to get the issue on the November 2014 ballot.

Morgan is organizing “an army of angels” to gather the 788,000 signatures needed statewide. In his view (and mine too), marijuana is safer, better and more natural than synthetic opioids and painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone, which he says kill thousands through abuse and addiction.

If the petition drive succeeds, the amendment will need 60 percent voter approval to pass.

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  1. Anonymous UK on

    I don’t think that God should have anything to do with the reasoning on the legality of cannabis. My point is if you can talk the language of those who have a strong belief in God then you will win the war (they are a significant and influential section of society). I am a Taoist and therefore agnostic

  2. Anonymous on

    I think the suggestion that cannabis (including its main active chemical THC) deserves to be legal because GOD created it for us all loses all logic when you raise the issue of the opium poppy and coca plant to those same christians (are these bad creations of GOD’s?).

    The TRUTH is:

    THC is a good medicine either 100% pure or mixed with other (some beneficial) substances in cannabis herb, but it does have side effects!

    Morphine is a good medicine either 100% pure or mixed with other (some beneficial) substances in opium, but it does have side effects!

    Cocaine is a good medicine either 100% pure or mixed with other (some beneficial) substances in coca leaves, but it does have side effects!

    Synthetic drugs too only act on the same/similar receptors (to produce the same/similar effects), so why all this hatred of synthetic opiates (eg oxycodone) and cannabinoids (eg Spice additives), when it’s really just fuckups (junkie types and stupid teenagers respectively) giving them a bad name.

    Note I think one reason sadly that cannabis remains (for the time being) illegal in most of the world is that losers and idiots tend to like smoking weed. Problem is all the ignorant assholes who think cannabis should be illegal don’t seem to notice those same losers and idiots tend to like drinking alcohol too!

  3. Anonymous UK on

    I cannot see how anyone can be a Christian and not agree with medical marijuana. The bible specifically says that God created plants for the sustenance of man – it neglects to mention the merits of synthetic opioids ! I wish John Morgan well and I hope he chooses to emphasise that it is the Christian thing to do because Christians make up a huge block vote in the USA. I have said many times to prohibitionists (many of whom claim to have god on their side) where do you think Jesus would stand on this issue – very difficult to imagine him supporting things like life prison sentences, urine testing, property forfeiture, violence and inflicting suffering of the most seriously ill. I am not a Christian but Christians need to be convinced in order to make a change.