Medical Marijuana Users Can Drive Rules the Michigan Supreme Court

Medical marijuana users are not breaking the law if busted driving after firing up some pot ruled the Michigan Supreme Court, (MSC), Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

The ruling stems from an appeal to the MSC in a case out of Grand Traverse County involving a man named Rodney Koon. He was pulled over for speeding 30 miles an hour over the limit.

Rodney admitted that he had smoked some pot, and a subsequent blood test confirmed it.

In the Court’s ruling, the police must show a driver was “actually under the influence” of marijuana for a charge to stick.

“The medical marijuana law “shields registered patients from prosecution for the internal possession of marijuana,” the judges said,” reported

However, there is still a problem as the law states you can’t drive under the influence of marijuana yet fails to specify what level of pot in the body constitutes being under the influence.

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