Big Pharma’s Campaign to Eliminate State-Sanctioned Cannabis Competitors?

As Colorado, California and Washington including 16 other states enjoy freedom under state law to operate legal medical marijuana-cannabis businesses the owners are often faced with arrests and constant harrasment by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Though some states have legalized the sale of marijuana for medical purposes, the practice remains a felony crime under federal law.

Even if marijuana operators avoid arrests the almighty Feds inflict more damage by imposing astronomical “high taxes” on a state-sanctioned marijuana-cannabis, taxes as high as 75-80 percent. Some dealers, unable to pay employees and overhead, combined with the burden of extra high taxes, must shut down, thus preventing sick patients, preferring cannabis treatment, from getting the care they desperately need.

Cannabis dealers argue that “high taxes” imposed upon their businesses is the Feds political goal: to run them out of business and the bigger picture is to eliminate competition against the giant pharmaceutial industry which makes billions selling drugs to treat illnesses at a higher cost.

But evidence has proved that a person can purchase cannabis from a state legalized operator and receive effective treatment at a much lower cost.

With billions of dollars in the bank, the pharmaceutial companies pay millions for anti-marijuana lobbying efforts to sway Congress not to legalize marijuana under federal law. The smoking gun in this drama has raised the curtain on the pharmaceutial inustry now marketing an FDA approved cannabis medicine to undercut the growing market dominated by the states.

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  1. gutrod on

    The American government and big business are colluding to monopolize the drug industry. The small guy doesn’t stand a chance against these Goliath’s who deny Americans from making an honest living. The industry should not be taxed any higher than tobacco or alcohol. 70 TO 80% tax is criminal. They are worse than organized loan sharks. Freedom of choice will prevail eventually. Always did. Always will in a democratic free country. Same in Canada once we get rid of the cement heads currently in power wasting our tax dollars on a prohibition that the overwhelming majority of Canadian citizens don’t want.

  2. Anonymous on

    Monsanto uses the same tactics with farmers. The core of Federal Governments and the core of corporations, like Monsanto, ride on pure evil to push fear into people. They’re goal is to make people accept the reality that they’ll fuck them over if they don’t abide to they’re will.