San Bernardino Authorities Raid Dispensaries

The San Bernardino city attorney and police raided a marijuana dispensary in the 3200 block of North E Street in the first of several sweeps aiming to shut down remaining store fronts in the city.

With the pungent smell of marijuana wafting along the street, an undercover narcotic task force and city attorney investigators shut down the E Street Collective and arrested four people on misdemeanor citations of operating a marijuana business, City Attorney Jim Penman said.

Its only signage are two green crosses on the windows and a backward, faded sign, “Pro Wrestling School.”

The two co-owners and two volunteers were handcuffed and declined to comment to reporters.

Inside the store, police seized 30 pounds of marijuana, including 80 growing plants. Police also found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun and more than $9,000 cash, Penman said.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I live near and use some of these places and these places do not generate crime like they say. I am a disabled vet and have been going there for a couple years and I know of 5 closed down and these places followed the law, although some less than others. San Berdô’s major issues are homeless and illegals.

    One dispensary they shut down has a happy ending massage parlor right next door in plain view on a major street. SB is big on picking which laws to enforce. I hate living here.

  2. Anonymous on

    I live in San Bernardino this whole city is going down the tubes fast crime infested,dirty,bankrupt.The cops are a joke there a bunch of Rich boys that start off at a hundred thousand a year and all live in murrieta or temecula talk about the rich supressing the poor.Somebody can be shooting up your neighborhood with a ak47 and it take theme 45 minutes to get there but this is what there using there resources on what a joke and a waste of money.the Cops,fire department and politicians have buried this city and I guess are trying to bury it some more.Did these guys like sit around and go well we cant or to dumb or scared to go out and catch the real criminals so let’s get the swat team out and go fuck with people not really breaking the law and bringing business and money to our broke ass city that we sucked dry and write theme misdemeanor tickets and take there property that will be a good use of are bankrupt city’s funds.What a bunch of clowns

  3. Anonymous on

    I agree completely. Why the hell do these gestapo bastards still have their jobs when all they do is use military weapons and tactics against legal businesses?

  4. Anonymous on

    If this is only a misdemeanor and people are only to be given a ticket and then released why is a SWAT team being used to shut these places down these are not illegal drug houses There not illegal drug businesses these are businesses that are legal under state law and the states has giving you the right to ban them. That doesn’t give you the right to treat these people like drug dealers the city Council Members that Backed up this Gestapo style police measure the City attorney the police Chief, And police officers that did the raid Should be fired job he fired. The next time the citizens of San Bernardino go to the voter box they should fire every single one of these losers Government officials that took part in acting so aggressively to impose their mister meaner powers over these businesses. They acted over zealously The show of force was uncalled for and the use of force was uncalled for. These were not drug businesses these are not drug houses these were legitimate business owners of businesses allowed to operate under state law and the state had just given the cities the right to ban these businesses they didn’t deem these businesses drug dealers or drug businesses. The Supreme Court has in fact legitimized the right of these businesses to exist but it is also given the city the right to ban them but has not given the city the right to Categorize these people drug dealers and drug businesses and trying to portray them as predators on society is bullshit. This is an overzealous police department and an overzealous city attorney and a overzealous city Council and all of which should be dealt with Issue Inappropriately they are abusing their power And should lose their jobs.

  5. Dave on

    If that’s City Attorney Jim Penman in the picture then he doesn’t look very healthy. I suppose that’s what you get, to look like, when you feed off of prohibition.

    I wonder how many pills he has to take just to sleep?