Obama Visits Mexico Amid Shifting Drug War Strategy

U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Mexico and Costa Rica this week, starting with a flight Thursday to Mexico City, where he will meet with President Enrique Pena Nieto, who took office in December of last year. The two leaders may put most emphasis on trade and bilateral cooperation, but they also are likely to review efforts to defeat drug smuggling organizations based in Mexico.

The presidential visit to Mexico provides leaders from both countries an opportunity to emphasize their commitments to trade, economic development and bilateral cooperation. But George Grayson, who teaches at the College of William and Mary and is the author of numerous books about Mexico, said each man has separate priorities.

“The goal is to get the United States to shift its emphasis from security to social and economic matters. The United States is quite anxious to find out the blueprint for Mexico’s new policy toward organized crime,” Grayson said.

President Nieto took office in December amid a continuing drug war that so far has claimed around 75,000 lives. His predecessor, President Felipe Calderon, shortly after taking office in 2006, used the military to attack organized crime groups, known as cartels in Mexico. He also forged an agreement with the United States that led to close cooperation in the drug war.

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  1. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    Did you visit the memorial to the victims of the drug war that just was completed in Mexico (City)? I’d be surprised if Enrique didn’t give you an earful about Colorado and Washington legalizing outrigh. Yet Mexicans are supposed to put up with all the death and violence of the drug war when where there is only a slight fraction of that in some communities and they turn around and legalize to solve the backdoor problem of regulation and production of supply.

    Too bad you didn’t arrange for Enrique to share some good shit with you so you relax and shit out that stick you got up your ass. You are so full of shit sometimes, Barry. When the hell you gonna get the feds out of the way for us? You ain’t gonna be Prez forever, so if you wanna have the choice to choomg again, and choom legally this time, you better do something. De-fund. Have Eric or one of his underlings issue a policy letter or memo keeping the DEA, IRS, feds in general off our cannabis backs.

  2. Anonymous on

    You think this guy gives a shit about 75,000 dead???? Well he doesn’t . I already wish we had the election tomorrow .75,000 dead and he jokes about pot AGAIN at his big press dinner. Hey pres how bout doing your job.

  3. Menace on

    he doesn’t care about your health.