Tobique First Nation Studies Medical Marijuana Facility

The Tobique First Nation is in discussions with companies to set up a medical marijuana grow operation and research facility in the western New Brunswick community.

Paul Pyres said the band council is now talking with companies in both Colorado and Canada about the proposal. He said he will reveal the details to his community in the next few weeks.

Pyres said he’s a living example of why medical marijuana is a good thing. The band councillor has been battling stomach cancer for five years and he said marijuana made chemotherapy and radiation therapy bearable.

Pyres said what worked for him as a medicine could work for the entire community as a business.

The community has an unemployment level of about 80 per cent.

Wayne Nicholas, a band councillor, said the project could help create jobs in the community.

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  1. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    Go for the jobs. An 80% unemployment rate is a crying shame. The laws keeping cannabis illegal are outdated, and everyone knows it, even the prohibitionists. Their braintrusts certainly aren’t coming up with an jobs. Corporations would be great at commercial production with commercial varieteis such as Northern Lights or Skunk. Temperamental specialty cultivars and specialty techniques such as how to make a pot turn gold by twisting a garotte at its base to make Colombian Gold or Acapulco Gold, also custom soil blends, graftings of different varieties onto a mother plant used to make clones, etc.

    You guys got this. Move forward on it.

  2. Anonymous on

    I would never buy cannabis from a corporation, I would grow it myself or buy it from a store that is not owned buy a corporation, or buy it from a friend that grows it.

  3. Anonymous UK on

    I think they could make a real go of it. I know some people fear that the big corporates will take over one day and force these guys out of business but what the big corporates can never do is quality, attention to detail and high desirability. In winemaking it is run by big corporates but beyond a certain price tag it is the small producer who is king – I can see cannabis going the same way whether it be for medicine or for pleasure. So they so need to start now and make a name for themselves (a brand) which can go on to earn them money in the legalised world and support the community. I hope they decide to do it.