Randy Caine Court Case Can Expand Debate on Medical Marijuana

Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender, three councillors, the city administrator and the top local cop have been subpoenaed to testify at the criminal trial of a medical marijuana retailer.

Lawyer Kirk Tousaw wants to grill the civic and police leaders about why they raided a pot dispensary even though its owner acted above board, held a public meeting and discussed the medical need with them before opening.

He obtained subpoenas for community police office coordinator Val Van Den Broek, city administrator Gerald Minchuk, RCMP Supt. Derek Cooke, councillors Teri James, Gayle Martin and Rudy Storteboom, and the mayor.

They are being called by 59-year-old Randy Caine, charged in October with trafficking and scheduled for trial June 10.

“This is something that has spanned three years since I first went to the police to get a criminal records check,” Caine said.

“From that initial contact to the raid was almost three years. I was extremely transparent and was always seeking the guidance and support of the community and elected officials. I had a two-hour meeting with the superintendent a year before the raid. He was fully aware of what I was doing.”

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  1. Anonymous UK on

    Cannabis has a bad image so the law enforcement can make up all sorts of things about anyone involved in the cannabis business and know very few will question it. Remove cannabis from the equation and you are talking about a respectable business man involved with helping the sick who has been wrongly harassed by the police – most people would instinctively object to this but because of the cannabis aspect people are willing to believe the worst.
    The Public Image of cannabis is changing slowly but I feel it will be sometime before it shrugs off this image of assumed criminality and it’s users become accepted as equal citizens. Homosexuality has been legal for decades but gay and lesbian people are only just about being able to have the same rights as heterosexuals. It’s nearly 50 years since the civil rights movement in America campaigned for the equal rights of black people but they have only just got a black president in the last 5 years.
    How long will it be for cannabis ? I suggest anyone involved with cannabis (overtly or covertly) do their utmost to be a good citizen and be a compassionate, caring human being (this comes naturally to regular users anyway). Show them we are decent respectable people and society will support us.