Snoop’s Pot-Filled 4/20 Party Shut Down By Police

Between this and the tragic events in Denver yesterday, we guess no stoners had a happy 4/20 holiday!

Not even Snoop Dogg Lion!

The weed-loving, recently reincarnated rapper attempted to throw what was being promoted as “Snoop Lion 420 Festival” at his Hollywood Hills mansion, but almost immediately after its 11am starting time, the police were called to shut it down!

Apparently, Snoop’s neighbors weren’t too pleased with the amount of noise and cars cluttering their street!

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  1. Anonymous on

    You sound like a rambling idiot, and i dont think a single thing you said was right

  2. gutrod on

    What de hell are you putting in that pipe there ELUDZ?
    I seriously think you need to relieve some pressure and go get laid.

  3. gstlab3 on

    you are a hatefull piece of work and talk a lot of bullcrap.,

    Mr. Emery is is sitting in jail for what he believes in as much as he is for what he is said to have done selling seeds to all who had sense enough to buy them and plant them so your dumb ass could get high like never before.

  4. ELUDZ on

    fuk emery and his seed monopoly attempts and his greed and his pompousness.. if you knew him in real life like many of us do you would understand he’s a dick and does NOT deserve to be mentioned ever again or deserve to lead anyone anywhere.. he’s the reason canada has these medicinal laws somewhat and everyone else gets fuked in the ass with super harsh sentences.. he probabaly helped fund the heat planes.. seriously wouldn’t put it past him.. he’s just another dick head like matt mernaugh who thinks that they deserve something that someone else doesn’t .. when the CHARTER OF RIGHTS SAYS “nobody is to be given extra benefit of the law because of a physical or mental disability” .. so the government weasled around this by giving exemptions to people from the law and say that it’s not an extra benefit but rather an exemption.. which is completely bullshit and is an obvious attempt to break the charter right.. and should be considered treason and we should all be taking up arms against this MMAR crap.. because it’s completely against everyone’s rights within this nation where some are allowed to do something others are not because of their disability, and considering cannabis has never been proven to CURE anything and is mainly a PREVENTATIVE substance and treatment for pain, the law makes no sense to only allow people on the END OF LIFE CARE program to have exemptions, which it clearly states in the ELIGIBILITY section of the MMAR.. why only give it to people that are already in pain when cannabis is to prevent that from happening in the first place.. if anything it should be the opposite.. it should be allowed to people that don’t have anything wrong with them, and once they do.. at that point they should no longer be allowed to have it because obviously it wasn’t working for them, and then at that point they should be forced to take something else that ‘might’ work for them.. rather than just being painlessly escorted to the otherside, which the current laws are basically doing..

    ONLY PEOPLE that are FATALLY ill are getting exemptions for the most part in canada.. and that is absolutely ridiculous and completely contradicts all scientific research that has been done on cannabis worldwide, where all results show it is a PREVENTATIVE SUBSTANCE AND NOT A CURE, but the rick simpson story claims that it cures by eating the black oil.. which has not yet been studied in it’s entirety, but seemingly the government is using that as their evidence for the MMAR, because of all the people simpson supposedly cured, they are saying it’s a CURE and NOT a preventative substance now.. and simpson had told the government what he was doing, and they watched him do it for many years because he was NOT selling.. so they allowed him to continue, but i’m starting to blame rick simpson for this entire MMAR bullshit because it’s RETARDED to say the least.

    people need it for many other reasons which are not being exempt at the moment, and more and more people are getting cancer every day because of the stress of being paranoid about being caught doing it because they are not allowed to be, despite feeling so strongly that they do.. so they do it and take the risk – which in itself causes DIS EASE and that basically says it all right there. (and believe me the stress of doing it illegally is SEVERE and very capable of causing someone to develop a disorder where their body stops healing(which is cancer!)..

    it causes STRESS which is the #1 cause of cancer, and all sickness.

  5. true cannabian on

    lol, sure.

  6. Anonymous on

    Well said. Though I disagree with the Marc Emery bit, the world of pot doesn’t revolve around him. It only appears that way to younger generations. And to be clear, Snoop was smoking it well before Marc was an activist, so that was a very null point in my opinion. But otherwise SPOT ON SIR!

  7. Cannabian on

    SNOOP has made his fortune rapping about how cool he is and how much weed he smokes, but has NEVER posted/tweeted/supported Marc Emery. Snoop rolls with his “medicinal exemption” in California, but when he comes to Toronto he wants to charge $5,000 just to show up at Vapor Central. I can’t think of a more deserving party to get shut down.

  8. Anonymous on

    As someone who owns bongs older than Mr. Dog/Lion I can’t help but wonder why anyone would give him the notoriety. Who cares?