New Poll Shows 3 to 1 Support for BC Marijuana Decriminalization Plan

CANNABIS CULTURE – As the annual 4/20 cannabis celebration approaches, a new poll shows overwhelming support for a plan to decriminalize and then legalize marijuana in BC.

The Stratcom poll was commissioned by Sensible BC, a group working towards a provincial referendum on the Sensible Policing Act.

“The Sensible Policing Act has two parts,” said Dana Larsen, director of the Sensible BC campaign. “The first part would essentially decriminalize possession in BC, by instructing police to stop spending any time or resources on detaining people for personal marijuana possession.”

“The second part calls upon the federal government to repeal marijuana prohibition, so that BC can legally regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco.”

Both parts of the legislation received over 70% support among British Columbians, with less than 20% opposed.

The poll also showed that 50% of British Columbians would be more likely to vote for a candidate who called for marijuana reform, with only 16% less likely to do so.

“The Sensible Policing Act has over two-thirds support sustained across every age group, and across urban and rural areas,” Larsen said. “Even a majority of Conservative party voters said they supported both parts of the Sensible Policing Act.”

“We’re preparing for a massive signature-gathering effort this September,” Larsen said. “If we can collect the required signatures in a three-month period, then there will be a provincial referendum on the Sensible Policing Act in September 2014.”

However, Larsen questioned the need for a referendum when there is such overwhelming, cross-partisan support.

“Passing the Sensible Policing Act would be wildly popular, save our province well over $50 million over the next four years, and eventually lead to big tax revenues from a legal marijuana industry,” Larsen said.

“Hopefully our next Premier will do the right thing and avoid the need for an expensive referendum. The people of British Columbia are definitely ready for a sensible marijuana law.”

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  1. Mike on

    Go to the Sensible BC website, they explain it in detail. BC does not have say over the CDSA, but they can instruct police not to use any resources on arresting or prosecuting offenders for simple possession, which ultimately has the same result (in BC at least) as decriminalizing possession. Currently, while some jurisdictions may have “look the other way” policies, possession arrests in BC are increasing overall, and the Sensible BC campaign would stop this from happening.

  2. gutrod on

    There will come a time when cannabis prohibition will be one of the main election issues in Canadian politics.
    The naysayers should enjoy the ride while it lasts. A reeferendum will only tell the Canadian citizens what they already know. That is that majority opinion of the tax paying Canadians and Americans means diddly squat in our so called free democracy. Uncle Sam and Uncle Harper apparently know what is best for all of us peasants. It will be a long 2 1/2 years until the next federal election. It is mind boggling to think of how Harper slipped in for a majority. The opposition were definitely caught with our pants down. Martin up Canada.

  3. helpful answer on

    Go to and read the legislation yourself. The Sensible Policing Act has been approved by Elections BC as within BC jurisdiction and suitable for a referendum.

    The Sensible Policing Act makes the police in BC stop spending any time or resources on detaining or arresting anyone for possession of marijuana. This is effective decriminalization.

  4. Anonymous on

    So do you vote? Are you doing anything to help get the Cons out of office..?..Or are you like so many who bitch about the govt but don’t even ever vote?

    At the very least, would you vote for this (a SensibleBC) -and tell anybody you know to vote on it too) so that at the veeery least we get this toehold in the direction of (re-)Legalization?

    We WILL see legalization within our lifetime!

  5. Anonymous on

    OK I’m all for it – except we are not the USA people with state referendums and such. Explain to me how BC has any say whatsoever over the Controlled Drug & Substances Act?? Me no get? Sure the cops could be told to look the other way (sort of like now?) but the real problem here is Harper. He has to go , and until Canadians grow a pair and dump the Cons, things will NOT get better. Just Say’in……