Mother Says Medical Marijuana Has Helped Autistic Son

A Windham mother says medical marijuana has improved the life of her 12-year-old son, who is autistic.

Stephanie Lay said she believes her son Bryce is the youngest person in the State of Maine with a prescription for medical marijuana.

Bryce is autistic and suffers from psychotic episodes.

Lay said those episodes can turn violent and in the past have led to Bryce slamming his head into walls and seriously hurting himself.

Lay said Bryce has shown significant improvements since she started giving him medical marijuana.

– Read the entire article at WMTW News 8.



  1. RedMan on

    Well we cant really say hemp is bad for kids because there is simply little or no evidence showing what long term effects it has on developing brain. personally i believe hemp has no possible long term health risks and if anything taking it in low doses ( a joint or 2 for example) could be similar to taking daily vitamins, so its not gonna cure cancer but it will help protect your body and prevent illnesses from forming. so until there is more research done we can not really know but im sure that if hemp can help cure or manage well over 75 major illnesses including cancer then it is not going to “kill brain cells” or affect a developing brain. if anything it would help a brain develop fast. humans have their own form of Cannabinoids called Endocannabinoids, it was simply an act of nature that all humans have these cannabinoids. but when THC and CBD (and all the other chemical compounds in hemp) enters the body they are the only known chemicals that can pass through the brains blood “shield”, what it does is prevent unneeded chemicals from entering certain parts of the brain. i only know so much but a new (and good) documentary was recently made its on youtube. here the link:

    check it out its very informational

  2. Anonymous on

    It’s real stories like these, that crumble the prohibitionist towers. Not saying Cannabis is for kids at all, but in some cases it seems obvious that anything that can restore normalcy to a troubled young person’s life should be welcomed. Why would science and medicine turn away from potential commons sense, god given, earthly solutions like Cannabis? Last time I checked Aspirin came from natural bark on a tree? Penecilin (sic) from mousld? Oh I forgot, pot is a “bad” plant – but somehow I forgot why?