Mexico Opens Disputed Memorial For Drug War Victims

Mexico opened a memorial Friday honoring tens of thousands of victims of a brutal drug war, but the garden of towering steel walls has been rejected by some relatives of the dead and missing.

Built with funds seized from drug cartels, the memorial was built during the administration of president Felipe Calderon, whose six-year term ended in December and was marked by an escalation of the violence.

Although it was completed months ago, the $2.4 million monument was only unveiled on Friday in a park of the sprawling Mexican capital, well after Calderon left office.

“This memorial remembers not only those who are gone, but also those who are still here,” said Alejandro Marti, founder of the Mexico SOS group whose teenage son was murdered in 2008.

With President Enrique Pena Nieto traveling in Asia, the government was represented by Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, who is leading a new security strategy focused on reducing the daily violence plaguing the population.

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  1. kim hanna on

    it looks like the apartheid wall in Palestine, only broken
    up in pieces.
    The design might be a statement against the border walls between
    It is impressive. Glad they did it.

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Some things this monument says

    1. Their lives count. They are not forgotten.

    2. This monument can’t wait until after the U.S. decides to alter its way of thinking on drugs and at least legalizes cannabis or gets the feds out of the way of the states. %-wise cannabis is the biggest part of cartel money.

    3. It raises the question as to if foreign heads of state, namely the POTUS, will lay a wreath of flowers at a ceremony here. If before the change by the federal interference with cannabis it may provide the momentum to get that started. If after, what does it say that the POTUS lays a wreath there? Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Holocaust memorials, Atomic Bomb memorials.

    4. Next time Latin American leaders have a meeting on legalizing cannabis in the Western Hemisphere this is a great place to show respects.