Massachusetts Gets Down to Business of Medical Marijuana

In a packed conference room at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, the big sales pitch is on.

About 300 people have gathered to get information on how to apply for a license to run a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts.

The pitch comes from Dr. Bruce Bedrick, the CEO of Medbox Inc., an Arizona-based company that offers consulting services and dispensing systems for medical marijuana that look and operate just like vending machines, though Bedrick cringes at that description.

Bedrick warns that getting a license in Massachusetts won’t be easy. The state is requiring applicants to put at least $500,000 in an escrow account to ensure that they have enough resources to operate. Applicants must also submit detailed operating procedures for the dispensaries, including provisions for security, plans for preventing diversion of marijuana to non-patients and strict inventory procedures.

“You have to be able to submit an application that’s better than your neighbor’s,” Bedrick said.

“They are going to score you. … This is about winning, folks.”

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