Policing for Profit Thrives in BC

In British Columbia, the government can take away your home, your car and your cash, without ever charging you with a crime.

Most people in BC are not aware of how easily the government can take away their most valuable possessions.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever been charged with a crime. In many cases the government doesn’t need to go to court at all!

The BC Liberals have made it easier and easier for police to profit from seizing private property. This trend is called “policing for profit” and it is very dangerous. Policing for profit corrupts police forces and results in policing priorities being set based on their financial gain.


In 2011, the BC government seized two East Vancouver properties worth almost $1 million, because they were used to grow marijuana. The homes’ owner was never charged, and both sides agreed that the homeowner wasn’t even aware that his tenants were growing pot.

First the landlord was victimized by his irresponsible tenants, then he was given a much worse punishment by the government!

If the tenants had been committing rape or murder in their rented home, the landlord would not have lost his property. But because his tenants had a marijuana garden, the government took his houses. Does that seem fair?

Read the entire article at The Vancouver Sun.



  1. Anonymous on

    How is this fair? The owners of the home were not given an opportunity to defend themselves in court.

    They simply lost all that money because of their irresponsible tenants.

    Don’t understand how they can seize property anyways. When you commit other crimes, seizures don’t happen, why should they with drug crimes?

  2. Anonymous on

    It’s as fair and as legit as DUID limits.

    But if that can be said to “Advance the argument”, then so must this.

    Don’t you jokers have products to sell?