New Michigan Laws Further Restrict Availability of Medical Marijuana

New laws in Michigan that took effect Monday requires doctors who recommend medical marijuana to conduct a full patient examination, complete with an face-to-face evaluation, a review of the person’s medical history, other prescription medications and a follow-up visit to ensure the drug is working.

The laws also require that the state’s roughly 27,000 licensed caregivers who produce medical marijuana have criminal histories that are free of any felony or assault charges — an enhancement of the prior standard which barred people who’ve committed drug felonies. Both measures were approved by a large majority of voters last November, ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV noted.

On the plus side for the state’s 131,000 registered medical marijuana users, the new law also extends their license term from one year to two, ensuring those who follow the proper guidelines to procure their medicine will not be required to go through the process again so soon.

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  1. Anonymous on

    This is so far over the top its comical and it shows just how goofy the individuals in your local and state governments really can be. These apparently are Puritans with in the legislation.

    These are the people of the community that are determined to tell you how to live your life, what you’ll do, and you will in fact do it in a prescribed order at great cost to the individual).

    Their actions are based by what they deem to be permissible based on their current understanding of the truths (as they’ve been told by the federal government for the last41 years…

    Based on that I’d have to say that the people of the state of Michigan need to advise their local representatives that they are elected and will be replaced with people that are capable of thinking for themselves. As a sane person I find it incredibly hard to justify all those tests for a medicine that people can consume and not die because of it.

    For the love of GOD, its not asprin…
    People actually die from the consumption of Aspirin. Estimated to be 60,000 people each year according to the US National Library of Medicine
    National Institutes of Health..

    The people involved with this decision for the entire population of Michigan should be deeply involved with the Disney Studios because they are born and bred GOOFY!

    If this wasn’t true, knowing the facts about 10’s of thousands of deaths from Aspirin each year and no deaths on record anywhere, from the consumption of Marijuana, ever. It would be HILARIOUS!!
    But its truly sad and pathetic.

    If I were a legislator in Michigan, I’d be ashamed of my intentional stupidity ( because the numbers don’t lie boys), I didn’t make them up. You should be embarrassed. Way, Way over the top.

  2. Anonymous on

    Not mentioned: what patients whose well-established primary care physicians were not allowed to sign MMMJ recommendations by their practices (The University of Michigan for example). I had to see a shady doctor solely because my primary care physician had been forbidden to sign recommendations. That is not ok.