‘Princess of Pot’ Speaks at Langley Forum

The war on drugs has become too expensive, the wife of imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery told a Langley meeting on a proposed new law to limit pot possession arrests.

Jodie Emery was speaking at a Wednesday, March 20 meeting at the Township municipal hall arranged by Sensible BC, a group that is planning a public referendum on a law that would direct police to ease up in cases of possessing marijuana for personal use.

About 50 people turned out for the evening meeting.

Emery noted one study suggests it costs B.C. taxpayers $10.5 million a year to obtain convictions for simple marijuana possession, or about $8,750 per conviction.

“Even if you’ve never seen a joint in your life, you’re paying for it,” she said.

“Imagine the hospital stays that [amount of money]could pay for. How many laptops would that buy for schools?”

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Photo by Courtney Vorlop



  1. Teppy1954 on

    Governments are notoriously slow at making decisions of this type. Our “Conservative” government is less likely to make any kind of legislation with respect to pot because, more or less, this is the party of the western bible thumper. They are not inclined to view pot in any terms other than “demon weed that makes white women vulnerable to white slavery” or “demon weed that turns our children into heathen savages”.

    What is more likely to happen in Canada is nothing, nothing until we have a change of government. Harper cannot last forever. The conservatives are looking at possibly a lost mandate in the next election as they have fallen off their idealogical high-ground and are now taxing and spending like governments of days gone by. They are mildly frightened of Trudeau and he has a)a fairly good groundswell of support and b) has already promised sweeping legalization legislation. So what are we to do? Support the candidate that supports pot. Run the Conservatives out of office at the earliest convenience.

  2. gutrod on

    Common sense does not come into equation. Our governments policy is to keep persecuting their own citizens that have a different perspective on life. The cannabis community is at the top of their hit list. The right to choose one’s medicine or recreation really is a human rights issue and should be vigorously challenged in high court. Some of the greatest Canadian minds and most talented artists have been known to indulge in the evil weed and it never hurt while only enhancing their craft. As stated, the money would be much better spent on education and hospitals who are underfunded. Simple possession should not even be a criminal offense. Hail to the peoples Queen: Jodie Emery.