Doctors Want Documentation of Cannabis Oil’s Anti-Cancer Properties

Increasing numbers of people have been using Cannabis “oil” —plant extracts consisting of 50% or more THC and/or CBD— to treat conditions ranging from mild rashes to potentially fatal cancers.

Reports of success are circulating among medical Cannabis users and on the internet. They gain plausibility from a parallel stream of papers published in scientific journals establishing that cannabinoids have anti-tumor effects on the cellular level and in animals.

The anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids were a recurring theme at this year’s meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, and also in a course for physicians presented Oct. 24, 2012, at the University of California San Francisco. One speaker, Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD, described a particularly dramatic case seen by a San Diego colleague: a 90% reduction in the size of an infant’s brain tumor achieved over the course of a year by parents applying hemp oil to the baby’s pacifier before naptime and bedtime.

Aptly dubbed “MMJ13001A” on the UCSF website, the half-day course on cannabinoid medicine included talks by three researchers whose findings about cannabis and cancer have been under-reported, to put it mildly: Stephen Sidney, MD, director of research for Kaiser-Permanente in Northern California; UCLA pulmonologist Donald Tashkin, MD; and Donald Abrams, MD, Chief of Hematology-Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital.

Some 60 doctors received continuing medical education credits for attending the half-day course at UCSF’s Laurel Heights auditorium, which was organized by the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, with help from Abrams and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and reprised the next day in Santa Monica (MMJ13001B).

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  2. 2buds on

    I’ll bet we could get Rick Simpson on board to help guide the research project – or at least consult. Could be done simultaneously in 2 countries, Czech Republic and Colorado US.

  3. 2buds on

    Ok, we all know what the problem “appears” to be – lack of peer reviewed research proving RSO cures cancer. There are several studies skirting the truth – latest one involving rats…

    What would it take to perform a real study in, lets say rats – RSO vs breast cancer? (pick your most hated/feared cancer) Gotta do it with enough rats to eliminate all doubt (from most people) lets say 300 rats (not just 10 of 20). All given cancer of the breast. 25 rats with no medical treatment intervention, 275 get RSO. Lets see what happens.

    Would this take a million dollars? 5 million? We could do a kickstarter project to fund it. I’ll put in 100. I have 3 friends who have suffered with this.

    Real research done right. Guided study, yes. Biased toward cannabis as a healer? Guilty as charged. Unbiased results? Absolutely.

    There have got to be qualified researchers out there who would be willing to take on this study. Someone in the cannabis community must know how to do a real study.

    I think crowdsourcing funding is the answer here.

  4. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Get the DEA the out of the way! They’ve be blocking the research for years because their mission statement hasn’t changed. If the study might show cannabis in a positive light, they don’t grant permission. Either remove cannabis from the Schedule immediately, de-fund and disallow any federal money be spent on cannabis prohibition enforcement in states and territories where it’s legal, or if you’re too pussy to do even that then change the damn mission statement and other language so that it makes them have to approve the study for any kind of medical research whatsoever. Politicians in D.C. are a bunch of lazy fat asses. Get moving, lard ass!

    It’s one more nudge toward legalization end of the cannabis continuum.