Liquor-Loving Cops Wage War on Marijuana Users

Last week, I wrote about the hypocrisy of politicians and public figures who endorse and promote alcohol use, while seeking to punish and shame those who make the safer choice to use marijuana. This same pro-booze double-standard is also promoted by the RCMP and other police forces across Canada.

From the earliest days of marijuana prohibition, the RCMP have been the primary advocates for our national war on marijuana users. The RCMP tirelessly lobby the government for stricter laws and harsher punishments.

Since Harper came to power, the RCMP have further increased their efforts against pot smokers, with a 30% rise in possession busts nationwide. Their anti-pot campaign has been strongest in BC, where RCMP have doubled the number of possession busts – provincial taxpayers are now paying $10.5 million dollars a year to detain, charge and convict marijuana users.

Yet while they devote ever more overtime hours to targeting pot smokers, the RCMP is awash with alcohol. Over 60% of RCMP admit to having three to seven drinks a day, and there is clearly a pervasive culture which accepts and promotes alcohol use within our national police force.

Like political parties, the RCMP often uses alcohol as a fundraising tool, thereby promoting heavier use. Also, RCMP go out of their way to ensure their officers have easy access to booze at work.

Pretty much every major police headquarters in Canada has a liquor license, and provides alcohol to officers from morning til late at night. Police don’t like to talk about it, but most officers have regular access to free-flowing alcohol in their workplace.

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