A New Tool In the Drug War: Marijuana Scratch-And-Sniff Cards

The smell of cultivated marijuana is spreading across England this week, courtesy of Crimestoppers U.K.

The crime-fighting charity is mass mailing scratch-and-sniff cards which replicate the smell of growing cannabis plants to help homeowners identify possible marijuana grow ops in their neighbourhoods. Police will also hand out the cards.

A total of 210,000 scratch-and-sniff cards will be distributed this week in areas of England which Crimestoppers says police have identified as “hot spots” of marijuana cultivation. The cards are more than a publicity gimmick. Crimestoppers U.K. says it hopes citizens will scratch, sniff and possibly call Crimestoppers to pass along an anonymous tip.

– Read the entire article at Maclean’s Magazine.



  1. Anonymous on

    I like the first one. “Strong and sickly sweet smell”.. they’re making it sound like, yea thats the shit.. that sickly sweet smell

  2. Tony Aroma on

    I’m sorry officer, but I’m afraid that’s not marijuana you smell. It’s this card I just scratched. Guess you don’t have probable cause after all. 🙁

  3. 2buds on

    I think we need to distribute our own card – scratch-n-sniff – bacon flavored!

  4. bill on

    is the IDIOT who thought this up.

  5. gutrod on

    What dat smell? Here, sniff this.

  6. Anonymous UK on

    I live in the UK but have not had my card yet. There are many things that smell a bit like a cannabis grow (it is just a rotting plant after all) – I am never quite sure when I smell it. The other factors such as equipment and heat play a part. I think they should emphasise the strength of the smell as being the most reliable factor. A whiff is just a whiff but there was one house in my street that absolutely stunk – you could smell it a long way off – they ended up having a fire and it turned out to a badly set up grow. The neighbours put up with the smell and the police must have noticed it much sooner but no one did anything. Chances are some one will come round to rip off your crop sooner than the police get to you.

  7. Anonymous on

    I scratch and sniff my butt

  8. Anonymous on

    Why do we need the goverments approval to use a plant that is obviously safe? This is the big question that needs to be addressed right now.

  9. Informed Inhaler on

    No worries dude; just mail order some cannabis flavoured candy or other product – they’re flavoured with THC free
    cannabis essential oil (the terpenes NOT the illegal THC) derived from low or no THC cannabis (usually called hemp) or from high THC strains, where the THC can be easily removed to leave that great grass flavour, but with no THC!

    And yes sniffer dogs are trained to smell certain terpenes in the essential oil and NOT THC, so they can give a positive (for the law enforcement officer) response from smelling inactive cannabis or cannabis extracts…not to worry though;
    the commercial products should be sufficiently sealed to avoid any hassles.

  10. Dirty Harry on

    Everyone get as many of those cards as you can, scratch and leave them in your house and car. “Officer, you or your dog smells marijuana? It must be these cards than YOU SENT ME! 🙂

  11. Thomas Davie on

    If I knew of a Marijuana grow-op nearby, I’d discreetly tell the owner/operator that their security is lacking a wee bit.

    Don’t think I’d ever report a grow op to the police considering I think it should be legal.


  12. Son of Sam Walton on

    I’m new to this area and everything pot smells like Mexican and not fresh, can I get one of those cards to locate my new ‘go to guy’, since the Mexican isn’t so popular in this area, nor does it smell that strong either.