New Hamphire House Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

After years of trying, proponents of medical marijuana received a boost Wednesday when the House voted overwhelmingly, 286-64, in support of establishing a New Hampshire program.

House Bill 573 allows the terminally and chronically ill or those with debilitating conditions to use marijuana to help relieve their conditions.

Proponents say this will help many people who now suffer needlessly because other medications fail to relieve them of the pain and suffering of terminal illnesses.

Rep. Donald “Ted” Wright, R-Tuftonborough, said his wife used marijuana to combat the side effects of a drug that essentially cured her of breast cancer.

She participated in a clinical trial and was told she would have to stop taking the drug, even though it was working, because the nausea and vomiting were causing her to lose too much weight.

She tried marijuana and it solved her problem instantly, Wright said. “This is a tightly crafted bill that will help those patients that really need it,” Wright said.

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