Wakefield’s Ban On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Struck Down

The state attorney general’s office Wednesday struck down Wakefield’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, ruling that towns can regulate, but not prohibit the centers under state law.

Such bans would frustrate the purpose of the medical marijuana law, passed by referendum last fall, that allows patients with certain medical conditions to obtain marijuana for medical use.

“The act’s legislative purpose could not be served if a municipality could prohibit treatment centers within its borders, for if one municipality could do so, presumably all could do so.”

Wednesday’s ruling addressed only Wakefield’s prohibition. Other Massachusetts communities have also approved bans, fearing the centers would spur an increase in crime. Other communities have focused on limiting where the centers can operate.

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(image Ted S. Warren/AP)



  1. mad matt on

    The people of Wakefield, Assachusetts have much greater problems than a “legal” medical cannabis retailer. Located just a stone’s throw from the intersection of I-95 and 93 and also on the direct route from Boston to Lawrence; this is a notorious corridor for hard-drug smuggling. Are the sheeple of Wakefield so ignorant as to assume that a law-abiding medical location will contribute to an apocalyptic rise in crime?
    For the record, if it is the will of the majority of Wakefield’s residents to implement such restrictions then I fully support their choice. However, when your son fresh from Afghanistan has PTSD, or your aunt has uterine cancer, or maybe YOU have HIV; I pray the residents of your neighboring towns are no so cold-hearted AND shortsighted. If not for the sick, think of your precious tax revenue.