Former KFC Turned Into Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Kind For Cures is a recently-opened medical marijuana dispensary in Southern California, which isn’t exactly news in a state swimming with such establishments. But there is one thing that sets the business apart from its crop of competitors: They opened shop in a vacated Kentucky Fried Chicken storefront and kept the franchise’s iconic design intact.

Sure, they can’t use the logo, but they decided to borrow from the acronym, shortening their name to “KFC.” And while they don’t sell chicken, they do sell U2 Kush, Blackberry Kush, K.F.C. Og, Diamond OG, South Park Kush, Bitchin’ Blue Dream, Green Crack, Maui Wowie, Sour Diesel, Swedish Delight, Dutch Treat, Kali Mist, Sour Candy, Woody Og, Blueberry Pie, Lemon Skunk, Super Silver Haze, Ruby Doobie, among other inventively-named strains of cannabis.

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