Grand Rapids Police Raid 3 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Police raided three medical marijuana dispensaries in Grand Rapids and seized marijuana and records, police confirmed today.

Lt. Richard Nawrocki, head of the Grand Rapids police vice unit, said search warrants on the shops were executed Wednesday.

He said the raids were conducted in the aftermath of a state Supreme Court ruling in February that essentially said dispensaries were illegal.

He said Grand Rapids police, even before the ruling, were of the opinion that dispensaries were not operating within the state’s medical marijuana law.

“In February, the Supreme Court opinion cleared it up for law enforcement,” Nawrocki said.

– Read the entire article at Michigan Live.



  1. dbcooper on

    why the guns? they’re selling pot, not AR15’s, granade launchers and .50 calibers

  2. mad matt on

    …their faces because they are ashamed of what they are doing, OR they might be concerned that a full-face shot might make the rounds in certain circles. 😉

  3. Son of Sam on

    How physically possible is it for anyone on this site to not react violently from time to time? Would you not utilize violence (or wish it) to save your baby or to kill the man who killed or tried to kill your baby? Are we going to simply forgive these cops or do we desire to have them punished for war crimes . . . at least the top echelon like back in Nuremburg? Remember, these cops are the ones responsible for 9/11 and if 9/11 was an inside job, they likewise are just as responsible and if they are not responsible, then we’ve successfully proven the Drug War and CIA are myths –practical jokes. American cops get paid money so some poor little child can have his arm cut off in Africa –drug money creates the ability to finance such henchmen and their governments (regimes/coups) in the first place in war torn Africa (Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Somalia etc). If a terrorist cannot afford to wage war and attack, are they still called a terrorist? All a cop has to do is boycott that portion of the job and he could have kept 3,000 people from dying on September 11, 2001 . . . illegal drug use was the leading cause of death to the 9/11 victims –drugs used by other people . . . The War on Drugs harms more non-drug users than it does drug users (jail is better than a coffin) . . . cocaine and heroin are the reasons why you take your shoes off at the airport. If a bomb doesn’t exist because there was no drug money to make it or buy it, can that non-existent bomb still kill? Nope. American Cops are the reason why little girls in Afghanistan get raped by bearded men belonging to the Taliban . . . if a cop didn’t do his job, then the heroin wouldn’t finance such people (or as many) and the smack and hash wouldn’t promote Taliban rule and finance Taliban authority (a good reason to outlaw producing opium in Afghanistan: to make sure other war lords and opposing factions cannot combat the Taliban via drug money –so you can have enough money to fight the Americans with your dope stockpiles). American cops (DEA) are the ones who attacked, Jihad style, the city of Mumbai, India in 2008 –how in the hell are they not to blame? Without the riots and the Black Panthers, would the end of segregation have come about when it did . . . would just an MLK like peaceful leader be efficient? I doubt it. This world needs a bit of violence and peace to bring about good and real change. Would you ever say something violent or wish violence upon seeing a picture of a Nazi torturing a Jew -or its modern day equivalent? I think it’s physically impossible for Anon’s post to be without something violent . . . lack of violence can demonstrate our approval by us not stopping it with brute force –since the law and peace is sometimes too slow. The age old question: to kill a few bad men to save thousands from dying by the bad men –right or wrong? When good men do nothing to stop evil, then those good men become evil. I don’t believe this: when good men do nothing, evil prevails. Violence can be the act of giving life and peace to the those afflicted by terror . . . violence can be an act of love to the planet when done for all the right reasons (tigers kill to live, are they bad?). Is it wrong to harm people for the intent purpose of stopping them from harming the innocent? If violence is wrong all the time, then only a fool will risk his life for another human, let alone for his or her child -since suicide is violence.

  4. Dave on

    Hey Anon, this is not a violence site; take your it somewhere else!

  5. Anonymous on

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  6. Dave on

    Well look at this clown… the insane are now running the asylums!