Vancouver District Proposes Bylaw Restricting Medical Marijuana Grow-Ops

Maple Ridge wants to nip a problem in the bud by regulating where medical marijuana can be grown.

A newly drafted bylaw proposes that commercial medical marijuana production be permitted only in agricultural zones in an effort to stop marijuana growth in residential areas.

The bylaw attempts to address issues that can come with residential grow-operations such as electrical fires, waste, environmental concerns and the drug’s diversion into the illegal market.

Commercial marijuana facilities would face the same building restrictions as other pungent industries such as pig farms or mushroom barns, with requirements to be at least 30 metres from rear lot lines and 60 m from front lot lines.

Grow-operations would also need to be at least 200 m away from any elementary or secondary school, due to ongoing odour complaints of residential growers operating too close to schools.

– Read the entire article at The Province.



  1. Anonymous on

    just another part of the harper rigeme to end licenses so we can buy it from the government , like that will ever happen,i have a license to produce and when they take it away next year thats not stopping me, and if i go to jail o well , fuck the harper government and there bs

  2. Anonymous on

    Why are there “pungent smells” at all? I ran a Can 33 for 3 1/2 years once (you should change em every two) and never had any smell issues. Do people not know what a carbon filter is? As for restricting “grow ops” what defines one? What if the culprit is growing tomatoes? Does a fluorescent bank with some herbs count? Or is a grow op defined by someone growing marijuana in any way? Such nonsense should be thought about before city councillors waste everyones time and money on this idiocy!