UN: Colorado, Washington Legal Pot Violates Drug Treaties

A United Nations-based drug agency urged the U.S. government on Tuesday to challenge the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington, saying the state laws violate international drug treaties.

The International Narcotics Control Board made its appeal in an annual drug report. It called on the U.S. government to act to “ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties on its entire territory.”

“The entire international system is based on countries respecting the rules, and there’s a broad fabric of international treaties that are part and parcel to that,” added David Johnson, U.S. delegate to the Vienna-based board.

Last fall, Washington and Colorado became the first states to pass laws legalizing marijuana. Pot remains illegal under federal law.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week he was in the last stages of reviewing the Colorado and Washington state laws. He was examining policy options and international implications of the issue.

The federal government could sue the states over legalization or decide not to mount a court challenge.

The International Narcotics Control Board is the independent monitoring body for the implementation of United Nations drug control conventions. Its head, Raymond Yans, called on Holder to challenge the state laws soon after voters approved the measures.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Yeah tell the U.N. to go to hell!! Just another bunch of europeans thinking they still run the world.As soon as all europeans leave our lands soon? Take the fucking u.n. with ya.

  2. gutrod on

    The U.N. needs a wake up call. Welcome to the realities of the 21st century.
    Marijuana is mainstream and is not going away. Period. Who really cares if someone uses it for recreation or medicine. Medicinal patients swear by it and they can’t all be wrong. Time to remove religious ideology from our outdated laws.

  3. Anonymous on

    Honestly, the major function of the U.N. is; for countries that dislike the U.S., its policies, its business models, its religions, its freedoms, to have a hand in the governmental control of the U.S. through “peer” pressure by poorly disguised treaties. Just look at history!
    Most of what the public sees from the eyepiece of the media is just facade and hype. We all know there is UNICEF to provide a kind face, military to aid common causes, but from Nikita Khrushchev beating his shoe on the table to present day voting by Islamic members on Israeli and U.S. centric issues, the actual function of the U.N. is a neon sign proclaiming “this is not a neon sign” or “We want to control you to our benefit without outing ourselves as tyrants, so we will use image and politically correct shaming via the media”
    U.N. members should have their diplomatic status revoked, prosecuted for any crimes committed or deported. The huge square footage of the U.N. building should be used for a homeless shelter. If any good could come from it at all.
    As for the “treaties”, they can be renegotiated individually without the phony representation of a “mob rule”.
    Get out and STAY OUT!

  4. Dr. Green thumb on

    Overgrow globally. These pigs can’t keep the truths hidden forever, natures most therapeutic substance in its natural form. Hey UN!!! Give a shit about the people!!?! How bout legalizing hemp and cannabis to cure diseases and sickness, give the hemp plant for nutrition for the ONES who could benefit the most.. Our mother, earth! You’ll be begging for an alternative treatment one day. We the people should sue the US government for keeping it schedule I drug, whilst they try and make synthetic cannabanoids because well, can’t patent nature!!!. GROW YOUR OWN

  5. Anonymous on

    The United Nations Treaty may be the trigger for the Federal Government to take both Washington and Colorado to the Supreme Court and seek to overturn the will of the voters in those States. But I also seem to recall some pressure on the U.N. to re-examine the International Drug Laws and their effectiveness.

  6. Anonymous UK on

    What are they going to do if several US states contravene one of the treaties. Countries contravene treaties and breach UN resolutions all the time. Unless some other countries get together and do something about it then the UN carries no weight. INCB is purely a monitoring body – it advises, produces figures (often with dubious authenticity) and nothing else. There is very little reason for Eric Holder to listen to them.
    The UN is doing nothing about the Netherlands or Uraguay or Spain or medical marijuana in the US. Just hot air but Holder may see it as an excuse to crack down.

  7. Menace on

    Four Americans died on 9/11/12
    America needs the truth to come out.

  8. brad dean on

    honestly, aren’t there more important things for the UN to be doing than worrying about cannabis?

  9. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    The U.N. is absolutely pathetic. These people have no regard for the truth about cannabis helping sick people and being safer than alcohol. They’re hellbent on cracking down on people, having the feds stomp on the will of the American people, yet when they ought to be pressuring the U.S. to begin war crimes investigations they are silent. Have you seen this report by The Guardian? There need to be war crimes investigations. If the U.S. won’t do it, then the U.N. should. However, since the U.N. is part of the problem, I’m not expecting anything from that bunch.

    You need to change the way you are running the planet. I know we’ve reached peak farmland, peak oil, peak population sustainability, but these Malthusian methods are barbaric, even if it is regular run of the mill humans we are talking about here. You need to bring their social evolution up to speed with their scientific niveau.


  10. Tony Soprano on

    Hey, I told you’s guys fuck you already. You think you can tell everybody what the fuck to do just because the title of your outfit is the International Narcotics Control Board. You’s guys don’t control nothin’! Crime families and syndicates control the illegal cannabis market. Since there is no legal cannabis, motherfuckers, you don’t control anything.

    The U.N. is a bunch of party animals from what I seen on tv. A U.S. representative at the U.N. had to request that there be no intoxicating substances at U.N. meetings because they were negotiation drunk and the Chinese guy told off Moon. Tv showed some Brit saying how they drink to celebrate closing the deals and shit. Believe that shit, fuck you.

    No wonder you got the world so fucked up, and now you’s want to tell the U.S. what to do about Colorado and Washington. Fuck you. You were wrong all these years, and you’re still fuckin’ wrong. I looked up you’s guys are in Vienna, Austria and shit. Go soak your heads in the Danube and in the East River. Assholes!

    Don’t listen to these assholes!