Medical Marijuana Bill Likely Dead In Iowa Legislature

A proposal to legalize marijuana for medical use likely is dead for this session.

A Senate subcommittee approved the bill Monday, but the panel’s chairman, Iowa City Sen. Joe Bolkcom, says the proposal likely won’t go further because there isn’t support for it in a full committee.

The bill would allow patients with a qualifying condition, such as cancer, to get a prescription for medical marijuana. Nonprofit dispensaries could provide marijuana to eligible patients.

Bill advocates with illnesses like multiple sclerosis and post-traumatic stress disorder testified Monday that marijuana was a better alternative to synthetic prescription drugs.

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  1. Anonymous on

    This is not surprising from a state that spawned the likes of Congressman Steve “Razorwire” King and career-politician Terry, I can’t go anywhere without my Lt. Governor, Branstead.

    Don’t fret Iowans, Craigslist has advertisements for “cannabus” tours to Colorado.