The Future of Medical Marijuana Is Cream

In 2008 I founded the Vancouver Dispensary Society, and our organization now provides medical marijuana products to over 4000 patients from two locations downtown. In this blog I will be exploring issues around medical marijuana and the greater campaign to legalize marijuana cultivation and sale for all adults in Canada.

When people think of medical marijuana, the usual image is of someone smoking a joint, or perhaps eating a brownie. But the truth is much more complicated and interesting.

Cannabis medicines can be consumed in all sorts of ways. Yes, smoking a joint can be good medicine. Having a toke is a quick and easy method for those who need instant relief, and the rapid onset allows a patient to more easily titrate their dose.

Another common way of using marijuana medicines is through infused food products like cookies and brownies. Cannabis capsules are also growing in popularity, they allow for an easily standardized dose and quick consumption.

For patients who need steady, sustained relief, eating their medicine 2-3 times a day can be very effective. But for patients suffering from nausea or who need quick relief, sometimes inhaling their medicine is a better option.

For most of European history, marijuana medicine was taken in the form of a tincture. Some of these were still available from Canadian pharmacies into the early 1950s. Tinctures provide a more rapid onset than eating, and can be quickly used in any environment.

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