North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Killed — With Extreme Prejudice

The North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act (House Bill 84) would have allowed patients suffering from debilitating diseases or conditions or their caregivers to possess up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana and have a garden of up to 250 square feet. It would also have provided for a system of medical marijuana dispensaries.

The House Rules Committee Wednesday heard public comments on the bill for about 20 minutes. Only one speaker, a representative of the social conservative North Carolina Family Policy Council, opposed the bill; a number of medical marijuana patients urged the committee to advance the bill, as did its sponsor Rep. Kelly Alexander (D-Mecklenburg).

Then, instead of merely letting the bill expire in committee, as is typically the case with bills that won't pass, the committee voted to give it an unfavorable report, ensuring the topic could not be brought up again this session. According to House rules, when a bill is given an unfavorable report, "the contents of that bill or the principal provisions of its subject matter shall not be considered in any other measure originating in the Senate or originating thereafter in the House."

"We did it to be done with it, so people could move on for the session," Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam (R-Wake) told WRAL TV in Raleigh. He said lawmakers were being "harassed" with phone calls and emails about medical marijuana.

– Article originally from Stop the Drug War, used with permission.



  1. Mad Matt on

    I’m so sorry that the politicians who SERVE THE PEOPLE were inundated with CALLS FROM SICK PEOPLE who want to be safe if they choose to medicate. This just goes to show you how backwater some parts of the US still are. I’d hate to see some sick Vet have a run in with these politicos.

  2. Cliff on

    Politicians do not have the time to consider the will of the voters. They have special interest groups to satisfy. They have under the table money to party on. There are very few politicians who deserve their positions.

  3. Anonymous on

    May they all get cancer and die a long, slow, horrible death from chemo and radiation.

  4. Anonymous UK on

    Was it the nature of the bill or the detail they rejected. 250 square feet is a big garden that is capable of producing more than 24 ounces (that’s less than one ounce per 10 square feet). They seemed to have written the whole subject off but I wonder if the wording and detail could have been more sympathetic to what might pass.

    I think all these bills will fail until people see what happens in Washington and Colorado. There is an argument that just a medical regulation will always be abused until there is regulation for recreational use as well. I suppose they could always raise a bill for recreational use and personal cultivation that would in essence give the same access for medical users (the bill could even have taxation schemes that exempted medical outlets)

    Bad luck (but maybe they can make themselves some good luck)

  5. Anonymous on

    Oh I’m so sorry we harassed you with PHONE CALLS. I’ve personally been a victim of the NC justice system involving cannabis. How about I’m sick of being harassed by police for smoking a harmless plant. If they only knew how much cannabis was already being distributed.

  6. Atlanta Toker on

    Here is what you do North Carolina, dont get mad get even.
    Find out everyone that voted to five it an unfavorable rating and see that they are removed from North Carolina government and sent home to try and find a real job.
    Do it openly, and in front of all the other legislators so that they can plainly see that this issue is going to pass sooner rather than later because anybody that votes against it is out of the government and make sure they know that is the reason they have been removed.

  7. Ric Flair on

    I,m pissed off , woooooooo !!