Pot Tourism in Colorado? Marijuana Regulators OK Idea

Marijuana tourism is on the way to Colorado, under a recommendation made Tuesday by a state task force to regulate the drug made legal by voters last year.

But Colorado should erect signs in airports and borders telling visitors they can’t take pot home, the task force recommended.

Colorado’s marijuana task force was assembled to suggest regulations for pot after voters chose to flout federal drug law and allow its use without a doctor’s recommendation. Made up of lawmakers, law enforcement authorities and marijuana activists, the task force agreed Tuesday that the constitutional amendment on marijuana simply says that adults over 21 can use the drug, not just Colorado residents. If lawmakers agree with the recommendation, tourists would be free to buy and smoke marijuana.

“Imposing a residency requirement would almost certainly create a black market for recreational marijuana in the state,” said Rep. Dan Pabon, a Denver Democrat who sits on the task force.

Tourists could see purchasing caps though, possibly as low as an eighth of an ounce per transaction.

Afraid that marijuana tourism could open the door for traffickers to load up and take it across state borders for illegal sale, task force members agreed that non-residents should be able to buy only limited amounts, though a specific amount wasn’t set.

“Marijuana purchased in Colorado must stay in Colorado,” Pabon warned.

“We could attract greater federal scrutiny and displeasure of our neighbors,” if marijuana flows across state lines, he said.

Task force members were less successful agreeing to recommendations on marijuana growing and public use. Colorado’s marijuana law allows home growing but requires plants to be in a locked, secure location out of public view. The task force couldn’t agree whether a “locked” and “secure” location would mean a backyard surrounded by a fence, or whether an enclosure such as a shed or greenhouse should be mandatory.

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  1. Anonymous UK on

    … It is showing some kind of fertiliser burn or something

  2. Tony Aroma on

    They want to make absolutely sure people in other states continue to buy from the black market.

  3. Anonymous on

    The Federal Government will need to step in at some point to deal with the inconsistancies between the Federal and State laws, as well as deal with issues between the States. There’s a lot of negative history to overcome in this transition and we’ve all waited far longer than we wanted to.

  4. Dirty Harry on

    Don’t forget about the bordering states that may have the zero tolerance rule for ANY detectible MJ chemical in the blood while driving. I can see massive traffic stops on all leaving that states borders for fund raising purposes.

  5. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Damn shame. You shouldn’t have to leave your own country or even your own state to enjoy freedom and liberty. Makes me wonder what the hell happened to the country over that last century.