Vermont Marijuana Legalization Bills Introduced

Bills that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana have been introduced in both houses of the Vermont legislature. A Senate bill, Senate Bill 48, was introduced late last month, and its House counterpart, House Bill 200, was introduced Tuesday.

The bills are not identical. The Senate bill would decriminalize the possession of up to an ounce of pot by those 21 and over, while the more far-reaching House bill would decriminalize the possession of up to two ounces and the cultivation of to two mature and seven immature marijuana plants. Under both bills, people under 21 who are caught with pot would be treated like minors caught possessing alcohol.

The bills have tri-partisan support (Democrats, Republicans, and Progressives), with 39 cosponsors in the House and eight in the Senate. Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) has also repeatedly indicated strong support for a decriminalization bill.

In previous years, House Speaker Shap Smith has blocked decriminalization bills from moving to the House floor, but last month, he said he wouldn't block a bill if it made it out of the Judiciary Committee.  

Fourteen states have decriminalized marijuana possession, including Colorado, which along with Washington, legalized possession in the November elections. Other states in the Northeast that have decriminalized are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York.

– Article orignally from Stop the Drug War, used with permission.



  1. teacherofknowledge on

    Skip the herbal flower that induces relaxation and broad artistic thinking and go out the the back barn and snort up some home made crank so you can go off and go do forbid loose it. Grow up people nothing is perfect weights and balance this or that less harm more harm no violence in users extreme violence and death in some users. I hope VT a state that has been known to lead the way in change for the good please set things in motion make it happen and show the world that change can happen for the good not everyone will always agree but trust me at the end of the day this is a step in the right direction leading people into something that relaxes them and gives them options not just booze and hard drugs because its easy and been around forever now is the time to stand up and change this world that we all live in enough said…..

  2. teacherofknowledge on

    Come on really this is common sense already people need to take there heads out of the sand and see what this world is coming to and if an herb can help ease pain help people use it there will always be people who abuse any system in place its human nature but to deprive the people of relief and relaxation is just plain stupid better yet have them running around making designer drugs that in the end will cause violence to everyone why are so many people so damn thick it makes me sick.

  3. bhonze on

    SB 2369(2013 Regular Session)
    Marihuana; allow medical use by seriously ill patients under doctor’s supervision.

    Jan 21, 2013

    Feb 5, 2013 Died In Committee