Michigan Rakes in $9.9 Million In Medical Marijuana Card Fees

Revenues from Michigan’s medical marijuana program exceeded its costs by nearly $6.3 million – money the state says it will use to further improve the system.

Michigan brought in $9.9 million in medical marijuana application and renewal fees last fiscal year, while it spent $3.6 million on the program.

As of December, the state has registered more than 124,400 patients and nearly 25,960 active primary caregivers for the use and dispersal of medical marijuana since voters approved the ballot measure in 2008.

The program has had its share of legal questions and efficiency problems, prompting one lawmaker to say it “screams for help” during committee hearings on proposed changes to the law.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation last year in an attempt to clarify the law, launched in April 2009, and streamline the process.

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