Musicians Caught Up In Mexico’s Drug Wars

The violent deaths of all but one member of a musical band in northern Mexico have thrown a spotlight on the murky world of musicians who play for the country’s drug gangs, says the BBC’s Will Grant in Mexico City.

When the families and the authorities arrived at the scene of the party in the northern Mexican town of Hidalgo, they found it deserted.

There were bottles of beer and whisky strewn around on the ground, and the cars belonging to members of the musical band, Kombo Kolombia, had been left open and abandoned.

But there was no sign of the missing musicians.

The men’s bodies began to turn up a few days later. Some 30km (20 miles) away, 17 bodies were discovered down a well with gunshot wounds to the head. One member of the band had managed to escape their captors and lead the authorities to where the corpses had been dumped.

Kombo Kolombia, who specialised in Colombian vallenato music, are the latest in a long list of musical acts to be murdered by Mexico’s violent drug gangs.

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